So what’d you do today?

I launched a business! But first, a token race report.

Today was stage eight of the Tour, which means, umm… it means we’ve raced for eight straight days. Ayup, you’ve just noticed that brain function diminishes as physical exertion levels continue at Tour de France levels. Anywho, for much of the day we were tantalizingly close to basking in some sun. But then the stark reality that we can’t control the weather set in just as the pace ramped up from conversational to 60kph for the run-in for the final three KOMs that rounded out the stage. The sky turned black as night and opened up something fierce! A sane person or group of 200-some odd people on bikes would seek refuge, but we plowed on with a job at hand.

On a brighter and unrelated note, I have taken my Middlebury degree in economics, segued that into a professional cycling career for the past decade, and somewhere in the interim started a business. Perhaps you’re aware that I have a fondness for maple syrup? I don’t tug your chain any further about that, I just encourage you to check this out — in particular the two videos will give you an idea of the action to come:

And now do yourself the favor and click HERE, because it’s awesome.

So with a busy day in the books today, eight days in the books hitherto, and a busier one tomorrow, I bid you goodnight.


  1. Charlie Barker

    Enjoy the blog. Alex Howes is another interesting American. He provides daily commentary on NBCSN. Kudos you closed the gap on Jim Cheng and just seven seconds from escaping. Most experts say TdF riders expend 4 to 5 thousand kals per day. Yesterday you rode six hours and Strava report says you burned 1,563 kals. That’s approx. 230 kals per hour!!! Very efficient or maybe chinese math. What gives?

  2. Alison

    That is AWESOME!!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  3. Joyce Autrey

    The MoBile MaPle SyRup IdeA is TotAlly AweSome Ted! I’d like to pre order some!
    CrAzy Fan (Timmy ‘s Aunt) Joyce Duggan Autrey in Alaska~~~~

  4. Daniel Sullivan

    Go Ted! Go NESCAC! We are rooting for you from Williams College Alumni Cycling Weekend. Up and down the hills in the Purple Valley.

    Good luck, and on to Paris!

  5. Keith C. Smith

    So this kind of begs the question, is maple syrup candy the new ride chew for those of us who hate gels?

    Please say yes, because I do love me some maple candy!

  6. Chris

    Awesome idea…just ordered!

  7. Gardy

    Ted, it’s extremely impressive that you can write anything at all after these rides, but still great to read your updates.
    Maple syrup idea is great – no more carrying around a big glass bottle – I’ll be getting some for sure.
    Keep kicking ass in France!

  8. Greg L.

    Ted, don’t forget the college student market – at UVA, Mike would carry a small maple syrup container around and refill it from a larger container of NH syrup from Ben’s Sugar Shack.

    Thank you for sharing your TDF insights and experiences as they happen!

  9. Jason McKinney

    Great idea with the gel. You should get a group of skiers/bikers to invest(in addition to the skiers/bikers you obviously have!). Count me as a local “angel investor” interested in investing in something tangible and local like this idea!



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