Catching Up to Speed

You know what’s great about England? Here’s a quick list:

One, they have proper big mugs of coffee. That makes me happy round about coffee o’clock.

Two, British town names are hysterical; examples exhibited here.

Three, if you come here to race the Tour de France, you get to hang out (from afar) with the royal family! Stage one yesterday kicked off in a festive manner with the two princes and the lovely princess of England starting the ceremonies. I fully thought they would ceremoniously bring Ben (King) and me to the front of the peloton with the other dignitaries since our last name is King. Jeremy Roy too. I was sorely disappointed.

And four, I’M BACK BABY!


In all seriousness, England is hosting one heck of a grand depart of the grandest tour of all, le Tour de France. With no guarantees, I had to work my tail off the past twelve months to be here and I’m thrilled to be part of this 2014 Cannondale Pro Cycling team here at the Tour. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have returned to the action after a year spent in eager anticipation of getting back to here. Err, on second though, I suppose I could tell you, but I’ll let this fine video does the trick.

Days start early and end late, so as it’s now approaching 9pm and we haven’t yet eaten dinner yet, I’m going to wrap things up. But I wanted to give you a quick re-summary of sorts regarding how to stay apprised since I won’t be updating this site daily.

1) I really enjoy Strava. To get an idea of what we did on any particular day, Strava is the cat’s pajamas. Follow along on the two wheeled shenanigans here.

2) If you snap a photo of any sort of Ted King action, I encourage you to throw it on the iamtedking information superhighway here.

3) Yeah, that’s about all for now. Tweet and Facebook at your leisure.


  1. Heleen

    It is fantastic seeing you back in the Tour de France after last year’s disaster. Wishing you all the best for the next weeks. Enjoy! Lots of support and greetings from Holland!

  2. Wendy

    That video is stellar.

  3. Jacob

    Regarding the riders-named-king category, don’t forget Leopold K├Ânig!


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