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“Time waits for no one” someone wise once observed.

Turns out, neither does the Tour.

So while healing my mind, body, and soul, and as I get ready for the next round of racing in August, I’m really excited to have recently launched UnTapped to help take my mind temporarily elsewhere. Maple syrup has long been a way for me to literally take a taste of New England on the road bouncing across the globe. Discovering that it was an incredible fuel source made this endeavor only a matter of time.

As the crowd funding campaign wraps up its first week, we at UnTapped are thrilled with the immediate and enthusiastic response. We’re part of the back-to-the-basics sports nutrition movement, bringing whole foods to athletes everywhere. Using all-natural, 100% organic Vermont maple syrup, we want to fuel your next ride, run, ski, swim, hike, marathon, climb, expedition… and yes, still to top your pancakes when you’re on the road.

We’ve received some fantastic support from around the industry. Here are just a few of the best quotes from those supporting the cause!


“The caramel and toasted notes that immediately flood your mouth, the warm rich caress that sneaks up along the edges of your tongue, that soft pool of vanilla and crisp autumn air that settles at the center…. It’s like getting a big, sweet, naked hug with every mouthful.”
-Biju Thomas


You won’t find any of that in Aunt Jemima.


Allow myself to quote… myself, “I have taken my Middlebury degree in economics, segued that into a professional cycling career for the past decade, and somewhere in the interim started a business. Perhaps you’re aware that I have a fondness for maple syrup.”


I think it can generally be agreed on that maple syrup (the real stuff, not Aunt Jemima’s) is delicious.


As difficult as it can be to summon enthusiasm for yet another energy food, as a one-time Vermonter it’s hard for your American correspondent not to get fired up about this:  Maple syrup.  For bike riding.


Pure organic Vermont maple syrup in portable packaging: Yes, please!

Help us continue spreading the message! and tell your cycling/riding/hiking/adventure friends all about it.


  1. MaryMaryLaffinrock

    Just posted your info on Hopefully it’ll bring a lot more business your way. Keep up the good work and best wishes for a swift recovery.

  2. Riley

    So if we didn’t get on the bandwagon for untapped when we should have, when can we expect this to go on sale normally?


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