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There you are cleaning your inbox and and you breathe a sigh of relief to see your total emails tick down towards zero. Delete, delete, delete. Super! Whereupon the next day while computing from your phone, you realize you need to access one of those very emails you just eliminated. So you first scroll optimistically through your inbox thinking maybe you didn’t delete it: no luck. Then you use the search feature, which shows no such email exists anywhere. Then time consumingly you scan through your trash: not there either. Then you finally find it in your Sent Messages folder, which initially seems like a head-scratcher, but you did actually reply to an initial email, so in some roundabout way it makes sense. IMAP and POP, goodness gracious, why is it so difficult to keep track of basic emails?! Why can’t everything just be streamlined?

That’s a long and somewhat roundabout intro to the same thing that happens when you follow my various internet adventures. Between this blog, columns I write, various Twitter accounts, various Facebook accounts, Strava, instagram, Pinterest, and the very rare Google-Plus, why can’t everything be streamlined into one? Which you MAY ask. Or maybe you don’t care. Actually the answer is quite simple: If they were all one, they would all overlap each other and render themselves useless duplicates. Each serves a particular purpose, so let’s discuss what you’ll find where.

This blog is all things Ted King, as explained by it’s ingenious title, iamtedking. Race news, life news, family news, no news, you’ll find it here. If you want this blog on a smaller more efficient scale, then you want…

Twitter. That’s because Twitter amounts to micro blogging. 140 characters of what’s shaking in the my life. Photos will frequently make their way into Twitter, but generally not super artistic ones. That’s because those are reserved for…

instagram! Anyone can take a picture and tweak the settings to suddenly have a picture that looks like you actually know how to wield a phone… I mean camera. Throw on a boarder or make it black and white, voila, you’re an artist. If I’m not mistaken, instagram was purchased by…

Facebook. And for me, Facebook comes in two forms. First, I started using Facebook back in my college days when it was a means to reach out to that hot girl in your intro Spanish class. Ever see Social Network? Bingo, it was exactly as it seemed then. So my original Facebook account to keep tabs with friends and classmates grew into this crazy, umm, social network linking family (I remember when my parents got on-board. That was a shocker), friends outside of college (high schoolers can use Facebook? Whaaaat on earth?!), and in my case anyone who rides a bike. We’re all Friends! Except not “all” because Facebook caps your friends at 5,000. So having hit accept 5,000 times, I’ve reached the max, so please don’t feel upset as I’m often told, that we aren’t friends on Facebook. You can blame Facebook for us not being friends. Furthermore, there is no cap on…

Facebook’s Fan page. Here you’ll find much more news related strictly to cycling and less on my day-to-day life. Photos, ride news, race news, and links to various cycling adventures. In fact, you’ll very likely find…

Strava rides. Want to know where I’ve been lately? There’s a really good chance you’ll see what and where I’ve been racing or riding by scoping my Strava account. Like the Tour of Suisse for example:

Strava, coincidentally, will link your photos that you’ve taken on instagram during your ride. Furthermore, you can easily broadcase your Strava rides to Facebook or Twitter or embed them in your blog as I’ve done here, above. Obviously.

Time to go post this blog entry to Twitter. And Facebook. Maybe even instagram.


  1. Joao Correia

    wait you have a pintrest account?


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