The Fourth Grand Tour

Time waits for no one as the “Grand Tour Belgium” marches on. Three weeks in Belgium featuring Waregem, then a day off, E3-Harelbeke, next a day off, Gent-Wevelgem, followed by a day off, Three Days of De Panne – or as it’s poetically and phonetically spelled in it’s native tongue the “VDK Drie Daagse De Panne-Koksijde” – which brings us up through the present. The GTB additionally features races in the not so distant future the likes of Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix.

Cobbles, short yet brutally steep climbs, roads wide enough for a single horse and buggy, and “dirt” clogging the air and our lungs composed presumably of digested grass and detritus from said horse and/or cow, these Classics each reap the taxing toll of an entire grand tour, yet (in-)conveniently all crammed into one five or six hour bike race. Day after day.

We at Cannondale Pro Cycling are finding a great deal of success which makes spring in Belgie all the more pleasant. An 8th, a third, a pair of wins, and a second place through the present with six races to go. Plus there was the wedding we poached – merely for photos, not for the lovely bride…


All the more entertaining, it was news worthy of the national paper:


Also just yesterday after the first DAAGSE of De Panne (or is it singular daag? Nobody knows), Andy from Duvine and 300 Not On 100 fame, also of Cannondale Tours arrived here with an awesome crew of adventuresome cyclists from across the globe ready to tackle on these hallowed northern roads forever ingrained in cycling lore. Unlike those of us here on work, however, they’re here for fun so I hope for both my benefit and theirs that they invest some time at a Trappist brewery or two… and share any generosity with yours truly.

Speaking of which, they already arrived bearing exceptional(-ly delicious/useful/thoughtful) gifts, such as coffee and better yet, a small “trophy” of maple syrup. Perfect jersey pocket sized by my visual estimation!


Okie dokie smokie, time to go race bikes.


  1. JohnnyG

    Get them all hocked on the stuff Ted

  2. Jacob

    For what it’s worth, the singular form is dag.

  3. Martin

    ’tis the season, you’d be jealous of the maple syrup display at any grocery stores in Quebec these days: syrup, toffey, soft sugar, hard sugar, hard candy, and the classic cones

    I’ve recently taken to pure maple syrup hard candy on my trainer and man it gives a nice smooth boost. I’ll try the following sports drink soon enough:

    Enjoy the upcoming races.


  4. iamtedking

    Wait a tic, soft candy and toffy? I’ve had hard maple candy before, which is subtly exquisite. I think I need to give this new medium of maple delivery a whirl. Do you ship…?

  5. martinntinMartin

    Serendipity now: I just found on google the holy grail of all things made of liquid gold. There’s stuff in there i’ve never seen before and my grandparents had a sugar shack when i was a kid. , With a name like that, they must be allright. I’m ordering me a 1 kg bag of candy for 23$ for my upcoming rides. The candy will come in handy (say outloud if you feel whimsical) on Lincoln Gap.

    I can deliver in person if you come to the Montreal Grand Prix.

  6. PedalRon


    Ride like crazy on Sunday at the Ronde! I’m thinking you’re gonna pull Sagan into the top spot.

    Good luck! Crush the cobbles.

  7. TDog

    Ted King looking lean and hungry.

    Rode the last 70k of hellingen on the old Ronde parcour (with the Muur) a few years ago. My local guide said the faster you go the smoother the cobbles. I tried it until the legs got big. He was right. However the insanity factor went off the charts. Couldn’t feel my hands for days.

    Good luck. Show them what a Yankee hard man can do.


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