Tour of Taiwan, a photo montage


  1. Steve McGrath

    Great montage, Ted! Still can’t figure out the cat in a teacup thing

  2. david penley

    Red Sox nation does reach along ways.

    Thanks Ted for the updates.

    Good Luck back in Europe.

  3. Tom Gilmartin

    Ted, Those white wheels are Nelumbo nucifera.

  4. Helene Barrette

    Hi Ted,
    “Nelumbo nucifera” is usually just referred to as “lotus root”. Delicious, nice crunchy texture, can be prepared a million different ways. Widely available in Japan as well (FYI for when you go there…). As for that “egg milk” (and the other container next to it), I think they’re both soy milk (not 100% sure) but I have no idea what flavour “egg soy milk” would be. It does look bizarre. Ah, Asian food shops… Wickedly fun!


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