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Today was a bike race. And for a review of that, Cameron Wurf has written a word or six hundred to appease your inside-bike-race-nerdery needs.

Meanwhile, episode two in what we’ll call News from Out of the Saddle includes the following riveting information:

Despite what everyone has told you, there is a pasta, waffles, and toast establishment somewhere on this planet. Moreover, I’ve found it as it happens to be in the same Taiwanese city as our current hotel. If you need to go there, it’s called I to Z and looks like this:

pasta waffles and toast

Next, I experienced a pair of reasons just today for having a newly found appreciation for toilets. For one, our start venue did not have any toilets besides cavernous restrooms with each stall featuring a hole in the ground. I’m a rookie to this sort of situation and managed to eek through with just my life. That’s one. As for two, upping the enjoyment factor considerably, fast-forward to our spectacular hotel this evening and I can attest that try as you might, it is impossible to use a toilet that sprays warm water at your nether regions without emitting some sort of goofy giggle.


I’m far from a computer whiz, but I’m fairly certain that this toilet has a stronger processor than original the original electronics on which Steve Jobs and Bill Gates got their start.

Lastly, if you stay in what I would call average to above average Taiwanese hotels, you can arrive and rest assured that the hotel room bathrooms will offer complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste. No need to call down to reception for your courtesy dental hygiene tools like is customary in the States. Yours for the pickin’!

Sorry for all the toilet talk. But that’s what’s here to report from off the saddle today. Oh, I also rode like a beast and Formolo got 5th. But I think you got that from Wurf’s blog already. G’night.



  1. PedalRon


    Ain’t nothin’ lost in translation there!

    All of us have yearned for a restaurant specializing in toast at one point, or another. I know I have.

  2. Becky

    I am really enjoying the contrast between this blog and Cameron’s!


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