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The life of a cyclist in training means one day segues to the next without much in the way of knowing what the heck day it is. A Tuesday may as well be a Thursday. Or Sunday for that matter. So “thank goodness it’s Friday”…? Pshh, may as well be a Th-ednes-on-day.

(In unrelated news, I love coffee. And, it appears, novelty napkins.)

Therefore without further ado let’s celebrate the start of the week with’s TGIM News of the Week:

1) My first chance to reach eastern Asia at the 2014 Tour of Taiwan fell short when my race schedule just recently changed. I’ll be headed back to Paris-Nice, the race to the ever elusive sun, in early March. Which is actually just as well since P-N is a hooley dooley of a race and will set the rest of the season in motion perfectly. And it entails one short flight just one country away, not to the other side of the world as was the case for Taiwan so I’ll be fresh as a daisy.

2) Even if I were have to gone to Taiwan, which is high on my life’s To-Do list, I wouldn’t be nearly as much of a tourist as I would like to be when visiting Asia. Japan is really the target of my next off-the-bicycle life adventure. I’ve been wanting to go for years and I think the time where it’ll actually happen is approaching. Or as Warren Miller says, “…if you don’t do it now, you’ll just be one year older when you do.”

In the meantime, the number 2 News of the Week brings you the book I’ll be reading next for a little Japanese homework: Angry White Pajamas! It has come highly recommended by friends of mine who lived extensively in Japan. Plus the title is excellent. Anyone out there ever read it? Bill Bryson is my typical travel reading companion to learn something about the country I’m due. Angry PJs will cover me this time.

And number 3) hmm, it’s early on a Monday morning and my brain isn’t chugging along too spritely just yet. So a photo will suffice as today’s Girona weather report. What do you see below?


Yes, that’s very astute, fog. Lest we forget this is the normal view.

…and since I wrote the above about seven and a half hours ago, and since I never hit publish, I just returned home from a legendary ride. Wow it was a good’n’!

Without much racing in February on my schedule and with P-N and a full Classics campaign on the horizon, I gotta bang out some watts/kilometers/kJs/umm, pedals strokes…?

Plus I made this video throughout the ride and it freakin’ makes my day:

In fact it did make my day complete since I don’t think I could have slayed a seven-plus hour ride without ample calorie intake. Thanks in large part to that individually wrapped mini chocolate chip pancake from the good people at Bollycro dokyo miniature pancake company. Oh man, those were a brilliant discovery!


And Justin’s, of course, since maple almond butter was precisely the topping I wanted on that badboy.


  1. Sherri

    what a ride! and tons of sugar. The video made me hungry. 🙂
    Best for P-N!

  2. waqid

    That looks delicious. Fedex me a pancake please.

  3. Eric H

    I’m not entirely certain if “hooley dooley” is good or bad.


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