Californian Montage

I’m doing an uncharacteristically poor job of updating my site. And for that I sincerely apologize. Thankfully a photo is worth a thousands words — or at least a brief blurb as you’ll see here. Swing on back regularly and hopefully I’ll have updated a little bit more of SoCal in January. This place is magic.



  1. Efraim Shaw

    Thanks for apologizing. I keep on checking almost every day for a new post!
    Go Ted!!!!!!!

  2. david penley

    Happy to see your post, glad that your excited about your New Balance, remember they too may have been made in new england.

  3. Scott Durkee

    California dreamin’, look for an email photo of me after Marin headlands crash looking like a not Ted King bandito. Look for you at TOC in May.

  4. BC

    That Ducks vs. Canucks photo is off. Should be Kings vs. Canucks. Go Ducks!


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