When it’s Good, it’s GREAT

I find myself filling out forms in regards to taxes, insurance, credit card, or anything medical and know that when I list Professional Cyclist in the box seeking my job title, it elicits a raised eyebrow or two. I’ve been in this game long enough to recognize that being a professional cyclist is a bit of a foreign concept to a significant slice of the population.

Here’s something that we can all understand: riding bikes is good. Now raise that to an even greater power — that is, mix in the very best time of year, add a healthy dose of exquisite food, naturally toss in (more than just) a generous pour of big California wine, and top it off with some awesome people and exemplary terrain — and what you have now is truly great.

Welcome to the Ted King California Weekender.


I’ve had the privilege of riding my bike in some of the world’s most spectacular places. Northern California, though, and especially the corridor from Mill Valley along Highway 1 as you soar over the Pacific, snaking inland on spectacular roads towards Sonoma, then rounding the bend and cruising south into Napa Valley, Holy Moly that is something more than special.


I therefore teamed up with my best friend, mentor, all around incredible guy — oh, and should I mention cycling guide — Joao Correia to bring inGamba Tours into the fray. I’ve been lucky enough to have imbibed on my fair share of fun tagging along on inGamba’s tours throughout Europe and quickly see that these “tours” are more than just you, your buddies, your bike, and a map as unfortunately so many other “tours” are operate. You’re immediately family with Joao. There’s an intimate and immediate relationship bonded that you won’t find anywhere else.


These are obviously open and public roads. If you want to go get lost riding NorCal roads, I trust you’ll have a good time. If, however, you want to ride some of the best roads you’ll ever pedal, eat some of the most divine foods you’ll ever encounter, stay in incredible hotels, and be indulge in hospitality like you’ve never soaked in before, …ah, and come ride bikes with me, then join us on the California Weekender. You will be blown away. Want to pick my brain about what life’s like as a professional cyclist? Come on out and ask away — I can answer those questions too.

To inquire email nate@inGamba.pro
November 1-5, 2013



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  1. Julie @julesmpg

    Highway 1 is one of my favorite places on earth. Okay… my favorite place on earth. Looks like a wonderful trip.

  2. Hoon

    As always an exceptional post. Meg is hounding me to sign us up for one of Joao’s events.

  3. iamtedking

    Well Mr. Hoon, why don’t you go on THIS trip, duh?

  4. DanDan

    I drove hwy 1 just last month.
    Being from Australia it was a really great experience, I only wish I could go on this ride!

  5. Dennis C

    Unfortunately, my cycling skills are not up to the level necessary to go on this trip. I listened to the podcast that you did with Mike Creed. I found that you are a very interesting, engaging and intelligent young man with a dry wit. I think that anyone going on this trip would greatly enjoy and benefit from your company.

    I read that you do not yet have a team for 2014. I hope that this is remedied quickly. Your hard work and accomplishments warrant another trip to the Tour de France. Besides, it will be fun to hear Phil Ligett refer to you as Ben King. If both you and Ben were in the TDF in 2014 this would really confuse old Phil, lol.

    In conclusion, keep on chugging that maple syrup, and the best to you and your family in the future.

  6. Mike boddington

    Wish I could ride with you again, I did the Dempsy Challenge and – sort of rode with you that day in 2008?- maybe again someday. Thanks for writing . And riding.


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