I Love Fun

Mid-race, I found myself speaking with one of my American-pro-cycling countrymen somewhere this spring in the heart of Europe trying to explain the original 200-on-100. That is, riding the entire state of Vermont, north to south, from the Canadian border straight down to Massachusetts, which is a touch more than 200 miles, entirely unfolding upon Route 100.

Baffled and now taking his eyes off the road in order to stare straight at me, he asked me if I’m crazy.

No, I replied. With the nonchalant follow up, “I love fun.”

Rte 100

In search of more fun, but with an eye on variety, we spiced it up and routed the 200 Not On 100 straight across New England last year, by linking Burlington, VT to Portland, ME. And now more than one year later with some folks thinking that the opportunity for a 200 (Not) On 100 version 3.0 out the window merely because of what the calendar reads, the three amigos are back at it with the 300 Not On 100! That’s no typo, friends, that’s three-hundred miles on the docket. But given that we’re a) sane and b) only quasi gluttons for pain, we’re spreading it out over two glorious fall days in New England.

My aforementioned countryman atop this post was stunned that I would do something as seemingly absurd as ride my bike 200 miles in a day, so his simple final question was a baffled, “Why?!”

To which I offer the simple retort: Why not?

All the information about the 2013 (Not) 200 Not On 100 — which is actually the 300 Not On 100 — can be found by perusing around this site: 200on100.com. All the usual suspects will be there: Tim, Ryan, and me.

We’re excited to open this ride up to any and all… bright and early in the morning. And if you can’t make it to D Squared for the coffee shop send off, please join us anywhere throughout the route, receive us in Portland at Scratch Baking Co., be there for our arrival or departure in Boothbay Harbor, or come hang out at our ultimate arrival back in Exeter on Wednesday.

Because, at the end of the day, bike riding is FUN.

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