What up Llo?

Keeping in tune to yesterday’s map conversation, I found it at least mildly impressive that I rode through the towns of Ger, All, Das, Alp, Urtx, Via, Llo, and capped it off with Ur. I also rode within a stone’s throw of Bor, Age, and Err.

To err is human, to ride through Err is divine. (Thank you, thank you very much.)

Lest we forget, double-L in Spanish is pronounced like a soft Y. Brilliant, what up Llo?!



  1. Cathy C

    Congrats on the Tour! I feel like a proud mom…you go kiddo.
    While you were cruising Ger, All, Das, Alp, Urtx, Via, and Llo I was cruising Kingston, Brentwood, Exeter, Rye and North Hampton with a nice pit stop at KB Bagels. The hills on Pickpocket were my Pyrenees. You really are a inspiration to this old fart cyclist. Enjoy your adventuring!

  2. SteelClassics

    You are Ted King and you are very impressive!!


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