Today is Friday. Fact.

Well, hrmmm. Geezum crow… not much to say. I’m fishing for words here, but am coming up short. Not much to say. Stage seven of the Tour de Suisse was a toughie, but that’s to be expected being the queen stage and all. Whatever the heck that means. Why “Queen”, anyone know? With the exception of chess where the queen can swoop all over the board with reckless abandon, it seems that Kings are more BA. And I don’t mean that in the least way to be a sexist remark, so bite your tongue thank you kindly. Kings rule with an iron fist and when I think of Queens I think of Queen Elizabeth who is about as tough as Big Bird.

So scoping that Strava file, above, the super-nerd observer will notice that at 5:40:20 we stopped entirely with still 800 or so meters to the finish line. That’s cause while ripping down the Albulapass and into the very fine city of La Punt, we had to stop for a train. So I may have finished __:__ behind the winner, but we were surely going to finish up a solid minute or even two minutes faster were it not for these Swiss trains and its militaristic precision.

Meanwhile, you might also note that in the first hour and a half — while tackling a category 3 climb amid the relentless attacks — we are still averaging 48kph. Which is very fast my friends, and the sign of a tough day ahead, with still a category 1, a nasty little cat 4, and directly into a beastly HC.

Back in ought-ten, we had a camp atop Bernina Pass at this gem of an albergo. T’was delightful, provided you want to train hard, eat in a relative monk-ish fashion, and have little to no entertainment. The views were fantastic and as I just mentioned the training was superb. It looked something like this back in the day, so now three years later it probably looks the same, but with more global warming and therefore less snow. (sigh)

Swiss Altitude Camp - 1

And on that note, Tour of Suisse is a race known for late starts (2pm’ish every day) and therefore late finishes. We just wrapped up dinner here at 11pm and I’m sleepy. Translation: g’night.


  1. Kathy Cunningham

    When will they announce the roster for Le Tour?

    Your name better be on it. : – )

  2. Ellie

    Queen. In “stage language” it’s the last stop before the Biggie (ie the King (final) stage.

  3. Bikehound

    There should be a separate leader board for Pro’s on Strava. You guys take all the KOM’S away!!

  4. Martin

    You have to think in french tout understand why Queen is used. Étape, course, ..are all feminine words hence the use of queen (la Reine des étapes, des courses, des épreuves).

    Enjoy your writing as usual.

  5. Ellie

    Oh, and Queen Elizabeth is much more of a BA than you’d think! She just does it with “grace” but she isn’t someone to mess with.

  6. The Overcast Family - Kansas City

    Here in KC, we are very much hoping for a “Ted Friendly” Tour de France announcement soon. Keep up the very strong work you have displayed up until this point in the season.

  7. Michael Shull

    Just saw the announcement of the tour team. Great news! Looking forward to seeing you drive the peleton, dishing out some pain.. Perhaps even on the king stage.

  8. Ron

    Just saw the news that you’ll be riding in the 100th Le Tour! Congratulations, big Ted!! Awesome news & I can’t wait to watch you race in two weeks. Talk about a dream come true for a cyclist, should be extra fun considering it’s such a special edition. Years of hard work coming to fruition, very nice, Ted!

  9. Walter

    Congrats onthe Tour announcement! That’s awesome!!!


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