The dumptruck full of awesome is headed to France!

I’m not sure how well you read Italian, but ayuuup, it’s official. (And just for further clarity to all you English speakers, you can read it here, here, here, here, and here.)

Lots to do and lots of emotion pored into this one. For now, it’s back to work, but I first want to say thank you to the enormous outpouring of support already. As well as express a sincere thank you to every family member, friend, cycling foe, neighbor, acquaintance, and fan who’s helped along the way. This is a long time coming.


  1. Stevie B

    Absolute awesomeness itself. L’americano Ted King is heading for pAris…in the 100th tour! Good luck, may the wind be at your back.

  2. Kevin

    Awesome, congratulations.

  3. Don Davis

    Ted: Congrats!!! I have a feeling that you and the team will be doing a bit of celebrating apres stages the PS wins, courtesy of you busting a** for him……. maple syrup powered!

  4. hHerbBates

    Bravissimo, Ted!! The Tour is finally looking to redeem itself. Best wishes.

  5. JJeffJeffBbJ

    Last year, when you were passed over for the TDF squad, I offered this as solace: that having your first Tour be the 100th edition would have a much better symmetry. And if any Tour is a big deal, this one, the 100th, is bound to be huge.

    I apologize in advance for the yelling at the TV here in Bar Harbor, Maine that you may well hear all the way over in France when we see you doing your work on the front.

    Enjoy the experience, Ted. You deserve it.

  6. Crocker Bennett

    The Bennetts are very happy for you. Have a blast. These are memories that will last a lifetime. Savor them.

  7. TomC

    Hi ted,
    I have been a long time reader of your blog and when i saw this news on CN I was so pleased! Congratulations and good luck. I look forward to seeing you tow the bunch in the biggest show on earth!

  8. Tim Tapply

    We’ll be cheering you on from Newfound Lake!

  9. Andrew E.

    Congratulations from new Hampshire! Enjoy “Le Tour” and have as much fun as you can!

  10. Ron

    Posted this elsewhere here, but now that you’ve made it official…

    Just saw the news that you’ll be riding in the 100th Le Tour! Congratulations, big Ted!! Awesome news & I can’t wait to watch you race in two weeks. Talk about a dream come true for a cyclist, should be extra fun considering it’s such a special edition. Years of hard work coming to fruition, very nice, Ted!

    And LOVE the lead photo of you and the bike at the Tour of CA. Love that number since I grew up watching Lawrence Taylor. 56 will always have a special place in my youthful heart.

    Good luck, Ted. I know you won’t need it, as you’ve proven how strong and tough and durable you are. Enjoy the experience. I can only imagine how great it must feel to only be 30 years of age and achieve a lifetime goal. Incredible. I’ll be watchin’ for ya. Fingers crossed you can pull off a stage win. Maybe you lead out Sagan, he doesn’t have the legs that day, and you get the okay from the DS to make it happen.

    Considering I’ve never met you, I couldn’t be more thrilled for a stranger! Best of luck and ride your arse off, Big Ted!

  11. Stefan

    Awesome news, Ted! Long time coming for sure. I look forward to watching you and the team at the Tour.

  12. jeff

    Congrats, Ted. There is no luck involved your selection for the Tour team. This is a result of your work ethic, your dedication to the team, and your dedication to the sport. Bravo! Ride smooth and strong!

  13. Anthony

    You made it! I’ve enjoyed seeing you at the sharp end of the peleton and you’ve earned your place. Sagan is a freak of nature, but he couldn’t do it without you guys. Allez, Roi! Allez!

  14. Lee HodsdonLLee Hodsdonee

    Congratulations Ted from an old Brentwood resident. Stay healthy, train hard and enjoy the hell out of the Tour. We’ll raise a glass to you as we enjoy the charcuterie this evening.

  15. The Overcast Family - Kansas City

    I can only imagine the emotions for you at finally reaching this goal. We look forward to seeing you on the front “working” on a routine basis throughout July. May you ride as if there is a constant tailwind, as if you have a third leg, and as if all miles have slight descent. Congratulations and we wish you a safe and joyous 100th Tour experience.

  16. Tim Barnhorst

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see you pulling at the front. Best of luck in the quest for Peter’s Green Jersey!

  17. Shelley

    Go Ted! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you on the front!

  18. George Straz

    Ted, I join everyone else in congratulating you on this well earned honor. My one wish for this year’s TDF has been granted. Now we will all sit back and cheer for our New England “Big Guy”.
    George Straz, Naugatuck, CT

  19. Ellie

    Again, well deserved Congratulations! Many of “us” have known this time would come. So glad that it hit on the 100th. (You have a “thing” with 100’s don’t you)?? So happy for you and for us too Ted. Nothing better than caring about the cyclists we are watching (especially when we get up at dawn to do so!) HUG!!! Times like this make it all so worthwhile! For all of us. You did the work Ted. And do the work, and will do the work. We know that – and it makes it so precious! Enjoy these times!

  20. Steph

    Congrats Ted. You deserve it.

  21. Wendy


  22. Carol

    Best news ever… Friend of your Boulder aunt… Well be doing lots of texting and toasting while we follow you racing le tour… Cheering you on… So well deserved… You have a huge following here… Good place to buy your house and set roots… Maple syrup easy to find and of course jason will keep you well fueled… Go get ’em Ted…

  23. dale

    Best of Luck, We will be supporting from Australia.

  24. miko vino

    Big congrats! You deserve it. Make us proud. I’ll be wearing my lime green undies in support of you and your team.

  25. Walter

    Dump truck full of awesome, indeed!! Congratulations, and best of luck!! We’ll al be here rooting for ya.

  26. Lou

    I wore my “I am (not) Ted King” shirt today to celebrate. Congrats Ted! I expect you’ll keep Sagan well protected and winning.

  27. Retro Italia

    Congrats!! You deserve it!

  28. Carol

    Oops… That would be Justin keeping you well fueled…

  29. debby(m)

    Thrilled for you, absolutely thrilled!

    Also, no pressure here, but you’re on my velogames team….

  30. Steve M

    Congratulations, Ted, it’s nice to root for someone who’s easy to root for. Godspeed.


  31. zac_in_ak

    AWESOME! super excited to see you on the tour roster this year. Congrats I’ll be watching for a dump truck full of awesome on the tour from you!

  32. Prashanth

    Awesome Ted. Saw you burn your a** in the Tour De Suisse. Hope you will do well in Le Tour also…

  33. Gibby

    Best news ever! Can’t wait to watch–and read–about it. Enjoy this well-deserved experience!


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