Map Dorks Unite!

A person who makes maps is called a cartographer. I read Ken Jenning’s Maphead and he says that people who love maps are mapheads. He had a series of other names, but Maphead is the most memorable, probably because of its eponymous nature.

I’m a big fan of maps. Probably from poring over them for so many years in search of awesome bike rides. Or else it’s genetic cause my mom has been loving maps for years and if it’s hereditary then I surely inherited this map gene from her.

I was just studying a map of yesterday’s ride and see that I started in Spain, rode into France briefly, next rode through the enclave of Llívia which I didn’t know existed, but provided me a good reason to look up Llívia. Then back into France for a while and then came a stone’s throw close to Andorra, which is also fascinating since it’s a “microstate” or principality yet still only the sixth smallest country in Europe. Yeaaa facts! Next it was back to Spain.

And if that doesn’t interest you, that’s perfectly fine as well. Hopefully this photo will suffice of two dinosaurs I saw two days ago.

Can't explain it, but they're worth the photo.

Can’t explain it, but they’re worth the photo.

That’s all.


  1. Bridget

    Kind of a little creepy seeing a Velociraptor in a playground. Nightmares, much?

  2. Retro Italia

    I’m a MapHead then! YAY… I think!


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