La Molina – June

Quick photo journal from Pyrenees training. T’is beautiful up here.


  1. Mira

    This bumped into my head after seeing the pics:
    1. I have similar coffee glass
    2. I think it´s Urttzggzgzgzdjx. Ok cannnot pronounce it.
    3. Shadow is the best company, am I right? At least SOMEtimes
    4. Congrats for your maple syrup

  2. Steve

    Congrats to you for being selected to the TDF. I was wandering, be a NH boy myself if yuo are the first NH Cyclist to make the TDF? Best of luck to you and team Canondale.

  3. Ron

    Ha, I love seeing PRO bikes with frame pumps & saddle bags. Nice.

    Ted, when doing such rides are you using clinchers? Gotta guess you aren’t hauling around a spare sewup.

  4. iamtedking

    @Ron, yup clinchers and a pump.


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