Ayuh, Last Big’n!

Last big ride here in the Pyrenees before jetting off back home and then onto Corsica. And by jetting I mean driving. A car. Back to Girona. Tomorrow.

Hot diggity, it was a beauty of a day here today. You see, while nearly every European pro is stressfully racing their national championships this weekend, I was blessed with a block of time to train at the place of my choosing, at the pace of my choosing. So today was exquisite in the bike riding department and similarly this entire week has been just what I needed. It was a perfect, head clearing chunk of time to prepare for Le Tour. Or The Tour as I say since I don’t speak French. Holy moly I’m psyched! Oooookay, down to business. Here’s a photo from today:



And now let’s jump to the category of random news of late:

–I enjoyed this article and am loving the corresponding website. It’s like my own personal coffee shop ambiance right here with me to go along with my hot water maker and AeroPress. Dang, I’m so hip. Listening to it now, which is why this entry is so creative.

–I also saw a cow on my ride today. I swear he was looking at me and we were totally engaged in conversation just seconds earlier. But then I got my camera out and he immediately became camera shy. I wonder if he’s going to tell his buds that he’s now on the internet.

–Oh, naturally if you haven’t done so already, you’re going to want to spend about two minutes and twenty-four dollars here for the following reasons: 1) King of Style approved. It’s exceedingly stylish, bordering on dangerously stylish. Prepare to fend of t-shirt fans with a blunt object. 2) It’s made of extremely soft and absurdly comfortable fabric. 3) Profits go to the Krempels Center. Look, you’re winning x 3! If all life decisions were this gratifying, we would call this planet Eden.

–Speaking of our friends at the amazing KC, check out this video which serves as your friendly reminder to sign up for the Krempels King of the Road Challenge!

–And lastly I think you should scope out these fine folks and their take on life. We live in a world with a lot of pre-set standards. Breaking the mold is often the fast track to an exciting life.



  1. Ellie

    Fascinating about the coffee shop sounds/concept. Thanks for sharing that!
    Creativity – inventions/ideas or life styles…how can that not be inspiring?

  2. silk hope

    Errrr, really enjoy the blog, thank YOU very much, hate to be pedantic (but even city slickers can use a leg up occasionally): that Spanish cow – like most cows these days = she.

    Have a great tour!

  3. Jay Dunbar

    Enjoyed the video clip. Dude-you are LEAN.

  4. bbbbbbBrian

    I was hoping my cousin’s wedding would coincide with the Krempel’s ride, but they are a week apart. She may have even gone to school with you, she says. Best of luck at The Tour, we’ll be rooting you on Stateside!

    • iamtedking

      She “may” have gone to school with me?! Who is it? And a week apart just means that you have a week vacation in scenic New England in the perfect fall weather. Duh.

  5. Peter

    Dude – you’re in my fantasy TdF team. Good luck to both of us. Seriously – do well.

  6. Mark

    Immediately ordered shirts for my wife and I. We’re really excited to see the last week of the Tour in person, so hopefully we’ll see you in the Alps! Best of luck from Grand Rapids, MI.

  7. Bikehound

    Conversations with cows… must be all that climbing!!

  8. Jennifer Tubb

    So, TK…if you were going to follow the TED Talk recommendation, take a yearlong “retirement” occasionally throughout your working life, what/where would your 1st retirement be spent?

  9. DDDDirk-Jan

    Well, I managed to not read your posts for a while to find out only today you will be starting the TdF. That’s great and I want to add my congratulations to all that have come before. Good luck pulling for Peter and I hope you can sneak into a nice breakaway or two so you may go for personal success. Have a great three weeks in France!!

  10. miko vino

    Can you do a piece on what exactly you eat on a regular day at the Tour? I know you eat a load of pasta, but how is it prepared? I’m sure it is nothing like how we prep it at home. Again, good luck on the Tour! Wifey and I will be rooting for the lime green team?

  11. Lee Hodsdon

    Tough luck yesterday, find the finish line, recover and NBC, it is Brentwood, not Exeter! No offense Exeter.

  12. EYS

    Please upload the TDF data:-?


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