A Day Late, but Not a Buck Short. (Cause that doesn’t make any sense.)

A lot has happened in the past day, which helps explain why I didn’t do a race report yesterday. My sincerest apologies.

Amid all the bad news in the world, here’s a breath of fresh air: this very exciting news from the Associated Press came out. And before I receive any snark about New Hampshire maple syrup differentiated from Canadian maple syrup being inferior to Vermont maple syrup as compared to New York maple syrup… just stop. It came from a tree. And it has one single ingredient, as opposed to three types of corn syrup, (un)natural coloring and flavors. And best yet, it’s frigging delicious.

Next, I went for a bike ride somewhere in and around Switzerland yesterday. I even got to pin a number on my back and ride with like 180 of my friends. It was really neat.

In particular, four guys rode away from our group. We will call them the “breakaway”. Then the rest of us got lonely and Peter wanted to ride fast at the finish, so I was kindly requested to ride at the front of our group, which we will call the “peloton”, in order to retrieve those four fearless breakaway riders. So I spent about four hours at the front of this pack and eventually with a lot of hard work, we caught them. Then Peter sprinted really hard, but unfortunately came second place behind a nice guy named Alexander Kristoff. Then we went to our hotel and I was tired so I got horizontal and rested.

In other fine news of the day, my Canadian teammate and all around good guy, Guillaume Boivin, sprinted to an impressive victory at the Tour de Beauce AND in doing so took the leader’s jersey! I’m stoked for him for a variety of reasons. But not least of which is that I talked to him afterwards and he won a liter (…or litre as they spell it north of yee border) and a half of maple syrup. That’s simply outstanding.


  1. Beckyky

    Hooray for REAL Maple Syrup! Now there will be plenty for both of us.

  2. jeff

    ted, love the race updates and your fun take on your “ride with like 180 of my friends”. keep ’em coming, keep safe, and keep having fun!

  3. debby(m)

    Not only do I luuurve the way you write, I’m not getting any TV coverage of the tour, so I really appreciate your race reports. Now I just need to make Little’Un understand that Mummy reading from the interweb is just as exciting as watching “leoleoleo” on the telly. (That’s how she demands ‘vélo’ – I think she’s got a thing for guys in lycra)…

  4. Mira

    That syrup case is a serious business! (actually have no idea what is THAT good for..) Thanks for writing another report and making me smile again, 🙂 Keep safe.

  5. SteelClassics

    I’ve yet to try real maple syrup!
    Brilliant strava ride. I’ve yet to do 100 miles in under 5hrs!


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