Colorado Awesoming

Some folks call it global warming while others are taking to the rosily auspicious title, global weirding. While I certainly don’t like what it’s doing to tear apart the environment, displace people and native animals from their homes with blistering wildfires, rising tides, shrinking arctic, and likely causing countless cancers with these caustically unnatural molecules floating through the air — all that aside, this particular week in Colorado is being dubbed global awesoming. Or maybe I should just call it Colorado Awesoming to really zero in on the issue. Yeuup, I’m having a good time.

After an all too speedy but successful swing through New England after the spring Classics of which you can see the highlights in this brief photo essay, I hopped aboard a plane bound for the crisp, thin air of Colorado.

Tour of California is next on the racing horizon, so an amalgamation of friends, family, and ample New England training in late April provided me the opportunity to press-and-hold what I call the Life Reset button. Thoroughly brought back up to speed on life, backed mail, and bills, plus it brought me here to the Centennial State. The first few days upon Coloradan touchdown, I was with my aunt and uncle, with whom I lived briefly back in 2001 when I had a few months of relaxing, outdoorsy reprieve before starting college. So not exactly parents to me, they’re superb people whom I know and love and like to pretend to call my three-months surrogate parents. Back then in aught-one, I soaked up the mountain life and continued to cement Colorado in my mind as an excellent place to someday call home — that is, when I hang up my bike and move more permanently out of my suitcase. Ahh, someday…

So now thoroughly lost in the time warp that I’ve unfolded to you above, fast forward to last week, the weather was stellar here in Colorado those first few days, the training was stunning as testament to my laser precise tan lines, which had previously long been hidden by the arctic freeze across Europe all spring. Here I am soaking in natural excellence near the very top of Flagstaff.


This being spring in Colorado, they’ve already received their standard alternating snowy dump/beautiful weather/blizzard/stunning weather that’s characteristic of this area the past month or two. Thinking that this was now out of the system — especially with the last storm less than a week ago dropping a foot of snow in Boulder — it came to some as a surprise that there was another big’n in the forecast.

Because it’s been so frigging freezing across Europe the previous six months, I finally had my first hard effort amid 70 degree heat which resulted in acidic sweat burning my eyes. It hurt so good. So that happened one day and then I woke up to this the next day. Please note Timmy front and center out for a morning hunt with Karli:


Let me toss in the reminder that this is Colorado Awesoming, so how does one make limeade from these limes? I hung out with my cousins by road tripping it to Denver to speak to my cousins’ 2nd and 3rd grade class. It’s hilarious speaking to really well versed seven and eight year olds as found here in the fittest state in the nation, Colorado. For example, when one of these adorable kiddos politely raises his hand when I am telling the crew about the “Tour of Colorado” by correctly explaining that it’s the “USA Pro Cycling Challenge”… now that’s a kick.


Cousin Billy, with his radical bleach streaked hair and his ear to ear grin, is just a little bit stoked that he got to bring me to school for Show-and-Tell.


It’s not just fun and games and making excuses when there’s a blizzard spewing outside. Back to Boulder and back to the office.

snowing in ned
And, of course amid Colorado Awesoming, one day later we had a bit of this cloudless sky and brisk perfect training weather.

And on a side note, I also met Justin’s of Justin’s Nut Butter fame. He’s the frigging man, so I’m mildly star struck in this photo. The King of Nut Butters meets the King of… iamtedKING. The entire operation at Justin’s is outstanding — their original farmers’ market to going big story, their ethics and ethos, and best yet their FLAVOR. Consider me a fan.





  1. Don

    Looking forward to watching you drag the herd over Casitas Pass next week Ted.

  2. Bo L


    Good luck in CA. I expect you and your team will have a strong showing.

  3. Japan Track

    Good luck in California next week, it’s been interesting to see how many big names have dropped out. Hope you get round safely and give a good showing.

  4. jeff

    looking forward to seeing you and the cannondale lads on sunday! best wishes for an amazing race!

  5. Revere Greist

    Good luck in CA! We went to West Vleteren in April, arriving 10 minutes after the abbey closed. Damn! Next time. Incidentally, the brewery/abbey was within sight of the grave of my namesake, Edward Revere Osler, who was killed in WWI. He is buried in the Dozinghem cemetery.

    Keep the updates coming. They’re great.

  6. LLee Hodsdonee

    Awesome ride yesterday in the ToC. I have to think such a showing raises your stock in the TDF for C’dale. Drink early and often.

    Go Bruins!



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