And then there was one

One, that is, referring to the number of days left in the off-season/pre-season/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-before-you-race-again-in-the-subsequent-season.

2013 kicks into high gear with the Tour of San Luis here in the San Luis’ian region of Argentina. While not exactly old hat just yet, I did this race in 2012 with respectable success since we came home with a win for Elia Viviani.

Meanwhile, all is good in Team Cannondale Pro Cycling Land, which is where I file for residency. We wrapped up a pretty remarkable team presentation with the glam of Hollywood as the backdrop just last week. You may call me King… Ted King.

Team presentation - 09

Needless to say, I looked awesome in my rented tux and plastic black shoes. Ahh yes, and green socks.

So after exemplary riding in the Malibu Hills and a festive Californian send-off, we began a roughly 42 hour trek to Argentina. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but we opted to go through Atlanta instead. Arriving in Argentina is a treat as this is a really nice re-introduction to racing since the weather is sunny and warm (err, baking hot), the local scene is very casual and generally this is a low stress environment. Sure, there is a world class field here, the 100+ degree heat and sun present harsh weather, the parcours are certainly not easy, but most ProTour teams field just six riders to balance the local national teams starting as many as ten riders(!).

Moreover the vibe is extremely friendly. For example, everyone drives around happily honking and with their wives/children/or themselves draped out of their car windows videoing our training, since I think this is the most exciting thing to happen to San Luis since last year’s edition of the race (…although the monsoon that washed through town two nights ago presenting noteworthy flooding was rather heart-pumping too). Plus the honking of horns is always indicative of an exuberant HOLA! rather than honking in place of four letter explicatives as we are so accustomed in North America.

And a quick “Tour” de San Luis to give you a lay of the land:

Typical ride. View to the right, not much going on…


…the view to the left, also not much going on, although there are some mountains…


…and then now descending those same mountains…


…and of course, into the town square. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but it is in the town square where around 7:46pm every day there are, in the words of Peter Sagan “more people than New York City on New Years Eve! …I think. I never been. Only see on the TV.”


Good stuff, good stuff. The bike’s ready, I’m ready, team’s ready, now time to go race a bike! Tomorrow.


  1. Ellie


  2. doctor

    Ride that bike hard and true.

  3. Lee

    Here’s to an excellent season. May the wind always be at your back.

  4. imgrannyjane

    Go Teddy Go! Hope you enjoy your time in Argentina. Good luck to you and the team.

  5. Steve Fortier

    Thanks, as always, for bringing us into your world! Always a treat. Now, go fast!

  6. Brian Bigelow

    Ride so fast that Liquigas wishes they were still a sponsor.


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