“…Royale with Cheese”

I suppose there are certainly worse things than being called “deluxe“.

And to wrap up this extremely short post, here’s a photo to quench your thirst for cycling photography amid the arid Argentinian landscape. Like, here’s one from Mr. Brian Hoades of my former teammate and all around good guy Thor and me having a chat.

san Luis with thor

And with that, it’s time to go race a time trial.


  1. Becky B

    Does that mean you always show up with fries?

  2. Pete L

    Ted, you forgot something. If you do your job consistently, not only do you get the respect of your teammates, you get the respect of the people. There’s a whole lot of people back home that want to see you in the Tour as well. Good luck, were rooting for you, Deluxe!

  3. Debby

    My Fairy Godmother has granted me three wishes this year, and one of them is witnessing Ted King in the Tour…


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