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Those folks savvy with the internet are saying that someday ebay will be the go-to place for online auctions. Obviously this marks a very exciting time for the internet. I’m going to go out on a limb and simply believe them rather than start a debate.

If you’ve perused this website for more than a single entry or two, you’re probably aware that brain injury is a issue very close to my heart. We’re approaching a decade since Dad’s stroke and there are still daily struggles. Brain injury is not a wound that soon scabs over and then in time heals itself. It’s not repaired by a healthy change of diet or rigorous exercise regime. Recovery from a stroke is an ongoing process that lacks any sort of timeline nor promises of gains made. These struggles are often blind to the outside world, but those who know the patients of brain injuries are often painfully aware of the consequences on any semblance of normalcy ever again.

Thankfully there are incredible groups like the Krempels Center, which is a non-profit organization keenly dedicated to improving the lives of those living with brain injury. Were it not for Dad’s stroke, in all likelihood my family and I would never have come across the Krempels Center. You can only play the cards you’re dealt in life, therefore accepting the situation, adapting with it, and ultimately thriving is a daily message from the Krempels Center. Spreading the word of this remarkable organization is a step in moving forward.

100% of my profits from the absurdly stylish and functional iamnotTedKing line of wares goes directly to the Krempels Center. Additionally, the Krempels King of the Road Challenge, the charity ride that my family and I are instrumentally part of, is a tremendous supporter of the Krempels Center, having raised $60,000 in the inaugural year (…ahem, hope to see you all October 20!).

Once again, there’s a way for you to jump on board, especially if you’re a fan of contemporary cycling. Ever hear of Peter Sagan? The kid just won 5 stages of the Tour of California and is the future of the sport, now. Maybe you know Timmy Duggan? My Liquigas-Cannondale teammate who stormed last week’s US Pro championships and earned himself a spiffy new red, white, and blue national champion’s jersey. Or Vincenzo Nibali? He won the Vuelta once. That’s a pretty big bike race in Spain.

In fact, the entire Liquigas-Cannondale roster for the 2012 Tour of California – those three, myself, Daniel Oss, Alessandro Vanotti, Mauro Da Dalto, and Kristian Koren – all signed this 2012 team jersey and with the generous support of folks at The Pro’s Closet, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Krempels Center.




  1. Irvin Smith

    Most excellent. I was at the ATOC for the TT in Bakersfield and must say that the Liquigas squad was by far the coolest one out there. Not only did they get the best parking spot for their “bus” (in the shade so that the fans weren’t suffering), but they had the NBCSports team filming them with Mr. Bobke Roll in attendance. Oh yeah, and they spent the most time outside hangin’ out with their peeps. Bonus points as the team mechanics and others were cracking jokes and hamming it up in Italiano. Fun times. And then Ted went out and caught 1 (or was it 2?) of the guys that started the TT in front of him. Nice.

  2. Becky B

    The latest bid is already too rich for my blood. But I’ve already raised that much for the Krempels King of the Road Challenge. I’m really looking forward to it!

    • iamtedking

      See you in t-minus 4.5 months Becky. (I know a pair of cool guys who can sign your stuff there on October 20. Probably some more cool ones will show up too.)

  3. jason

    Happy to see that auction getting so many bids. Too rich for me, but I am putting the Krempel’s King Challenge on my calender. I will be riding in memory of my uncle, James P. Burke, who lost his battle with brain cancer in February at the age of 52.

  4. nicky butterfield

    good luck with your auction. Your Dad is understandably so proud of you. I did not know him before his stroke or my own but have heard only highly complimentary things of him from people who did. I do know that if there were a poster child for brain injury survivors Dr Ted King would be chosen without question. A brilliant, vibrant man yes he went through the sadness & anger at being dealt such a hand after he had done everything right…but he evolved past that and created a bar that other stroke survivors could strive to reach. I know that he has been an inspitation to me. As his son I hope that you know how important the continued love & support of children so loved & such a remarkable & loved wife is. I feel blessed by having been allowed to know him.


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