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Who rocks the party that rocks the piñata? Oh that’s right, after stealing that tagline from SportsCenter, I’ll have to say this guy.

I’m asked what music I like to listen to. I have an extremely eclectic list from Massimo Bubola and Andrea Bocelli to pay homage to my transplant Italian home, Harvey Danger and Herbie Hancock to appease the H’s when scrolling down my playlist, plus Obie Trice, RJD2, and the Wu-Tang Clan just because I like their music. But if I’m picking 10 songs right now, this is what that list will look like. And while you’re jamming out to that list, feel free to read a quick corresponding pre-ToCA Q’n’A.

In unrelated but news from the delicious, I saw this this morning. Which looks amazing and if I weren’t a professional athlete in season, I just might try it out.


  1. Niki

    Loving most of those songs! 🙂

  2. StephBDC

    Put making marshmallows on your post-season must do list. They are simple (if you have a mixer) and are soooo much better than anything you can buy. And people are flummoxed when you serve them one at the very idea of a homemade marshmallow. Check egullet for a great recipe from nightscotsman and discussion by the group. These never fail for me:


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