Chasing Giants

It was a crisp, fall beauty of a day, so there I was yesterday morning rolling out of Mill Valley on my bicycle. At a casual pace initially, I soon found myself noodling up the legendary Mount Tam. Everything normal.

Coming around the bend on this particular sinuous climb, there he was – the first carrot of the day. I ride a bike for a living, I ride professionally, and I wear the whole professional get-up. And I ride fast. So when I see someone in front of me, I nearly always ride faster. I gotta look good in the kit, right? I was impressed with how rapidly I was approaching this gentleman and his bike. No, I’m not dissing his pace whatsoever, I just happen to be feeling my oats and riding speedily on this pleasant morning.

From this vantage pointhere I observe he’s ticking off a diesel-like 35 revolutions per minute. Additionally I observe that his sweatpants are pulled to ideal shin height to avoid the dreaded drivetrain grease. In a word: pro.

Seconds pass by and I see he is astustely positioned low in the drops for optimal aerodynamacy at this steady 7% grade. And that he either has a Californian man-belt or a Euro-inspired fanny pack.

Getting closer and it’s confirmed: fanny pack.

Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to introduce you to yesterday’s inspiration to me, Dave Hill. A fitting name. Well, Dave Mount Tamalpais might be a bit of a stretch, so seeing Dave climb this amplified hill called “Mount Tam” is still fitting in my mind. We chatted for a bit and I learned that Dave runs three days per week and summits Mount Tam on his non-Cannondale steed at least once per week. Not shabby for a 73 year old! You’re an inspiration Dave. Enjoy the ride.

And here is my ride.


  1. martin

    DAVE is my new hero !!!

  2. --bp--

    Marin is my #1 place for road riding, followed by DK and New England (western CO just didn’t do it for me). Wrenched at Start to Finish in Mill Valley back in the 90s, when they were around.

    Getting chilly back here in NH, so enjoy the weather!


  3. hoon

    did you pop in and see the homies at Easton Bell Sports? check out the surf for me too in Santa Cruz.

  4. Andy

    I am not Ted King and will never be…but someday I could be Dave Hill.

    Thanks, Ted!

  5. Fat2Cat


    You’ve got a storyteller’s eye.


  6. Joao

    Nice. That dude passed me last week.

  7. Lee H

    I am certainly a lot closer to Dave in age, than fitness level. But I’m getting closer. Dave Rocks!

  8. Rachel

    If you want to put on the knobbies, Point Reyes has some views that are beyond spectacular.

  9. Chad

    Yup, see Dave out on the road every week since I’ve lived here…
    Cool stuff!


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