Happy Saturday folks!

As I write this, you can probably guess that today is Saturday. October the 8th to be specific.

For me and the folks instrumental to the event, that means just one thing: ONE week to go until the Krempels King of the Road Challenge.

If you frequent this website, presumably by now you’ve heard a thing or two about the ride by now. I’ll therefore be short here and just direct you to the corresponding correspondences accordingly.

I wrote about the personal importance of the ride on THIS very site back in August to set the tone. From there I wrote what I think was my best description in the extremely popular magazine slash online mag’ Bicycling found HERE. And for those growing tired of reading my writing, the Portsmouth Herald provided some stellar coverage HERE.

And for anyone thinking that this is a ragtag, fly by night operation allow me to extrapolate about the tremendously level of assistance on this remarkable event. With an eclectic group of support, we will kick off the ride with gratuitous comestibles provided from New England’s favorite AM stop, Dunkin Donuts. Baked goods and ample coffee will be sure to fuel the ride from start to finish. Out on course you will encounter technical support – and probably moral support too – from (in alphabetical order – there is no favoritism here) Exeter Cycles, Gus’s, Papa Wheelie’s, and Wheel Power, followed by rolling support with the internationally acclaimed pit crew of Mavic. For your personal undercarriage support, DZ Nuts has come on board for chamois cream support. I think you’ll all love what they have to offer.

Just when you’re fading after the course’s 10, 30, or 55 miles you know that there is a very heart and stomach warming reception awaiting your arrival. La Festa Pizzeria as well as Dos Amigos burritos will have their finest dining options available, while Smuttynose Brewery has a beer garden. I’ll repeat that one – a beer garden. Additionally my favorite bicycle manufacturer Cannondale has provided a brand new bike in a raffle for all participants. Sweet! Strava is along for mapping software which as soon as you use for a single time, you will fall in love with and use all the time, just as I do. Additional swag comes from Sidi who make the finest in Italian cycling shoes. Jerseys specific for the event are absolutely beautiful coming from Hincapie Sports along with Bailey Bagworks excellent line of commuter bags. Style, my friends. You’ll look good.

Plenty and I mean plenty of sponsors are here to make the inaugural Krempels King of the Road Challenge a success. I offer a sincere thanks to everyone, all teams, all individuals, all riders, all sponsors, and all supporters for your help.

If you would like to become involved but cannot attend, I offer one last link to my personal donation page. All profits are going to the Krempels Center, which you can read about in my donation page, HERE.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, thank you all very much.


  1. Becky B

    It sounds like you’ve covered all the bases. I very much hope I can make the 2012 edition!

  2. Lee H

    On Dame Road today? If not, then an imposter in Liquigas Kit. See you Saturday.

  3. Steve Fortier

    Hopefully Cutaway Clothing has a booth, too. I’m hoping from an “I Am Not Ted King” t-shirt autographed with “But I am….” See you Saturday (pix and vid from Montreal in hand!).


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