Shortest Distance Between Two Points…

…is not always a straight line.

When I said THIS, I obviously wasn’t kidding around.


  1. Becky B

    It makes me sad when no one leaves comments on my blog. It makes me think nobody likes me. I’m sure that doesn’t happen to you. Impressive ride, by the way.

  2. Tim Crossman

    Just wanted you to know that you barely missed a black bear which crossed Pitman road in front of me about an hour after you had ridden through there. Were they scrapping Holmes road? How did you ride it with a road bike?

  3. Monsterometer

    Dump truck full of awesome. Holy cow, what a fabulous ride. You did this solo? Does that get boring? How do you handle food and water? I don’t know the area, so I assume there must just be convenience marts along the way? Beats my 8 hour day in the office anytime. Rubber side down, Ted.

    • iamtedking

      Yessir, solo. No, not boring at all. I just LOVE riding this time of year. The weather is perfect (or when it’s perfect, it’s perfect), there’s no stress, no intervals, no one pushing the pace or too slow. It was awesome.

      Gas stations cover the H2O. Bring some dollars with you.

  4. Terrence

    When out near Portsmouth I am usually drinking not riding…..good for you….and good for me.


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