With all this talk about some teams folding and other teams merging and riders being flicked and people feeling horribly left out, I have decided to take a moment… and ignore all of that and just write a blog.

Gossip sucks.

I am here among the rest of the cyclists racing up in Canada (eh) awaiting the second annual Grand Prix Quebec City and Grand Prix Montreal. Personally with back to back races so close to each other both on the calendar and on the geographical map, I would have been more creative with the names. Sure use “Grand Prix” in one title, but I think being more distinctive with the other would have been wise. Saaaaay, Grand Prix Quebec City and Montreal Race of Excellence. Yuup, that’ll do.

As I was saying, I’m at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, which I remember fondly when my family and I drove all throughout eastern Canada when my brother and I were mere youngin’s and my parents wanted to give us some French-Canadian culture. Although Robbie and I spent most of the time staring at each other and poking and prodding each other within the echo’y confines of a car, rather than taking in the Gaspe Peninsula. This Chateau hotel resembles something of a castle and it’s as rich in storied history as it is unknown by me. As in, I have no idea anything about its history. It sits upon a steep hill in Quebec City and it’s big and that’s about all I can say for certain.

That large white tent in the foreground is filled with bikes and European mechanics piecing together bikes with dexterous professionalism. In the morning it’s also full of European cyclist wearing neckgaiters since we are in Canada and Canada is deemed to be cold. This all despite the fact that it’s humid and muggy and warm outside in actual Canada. Whatever. Further confusion is why there are flags resembling those of the UN; this is an entirely new mystery that I don’t want to get into now.

And speaking of our northern neighbor, seen below is one of Quebec’s finest shops: a maple store. They sell virtually everything you could think of from the maple genre, but mostly maple syrup. I didn’t buy anything, however, since we all know that New England maple syrup is even better than Canada’s. Just like our hockey teams.

Au revoir



  1. corinne

    I suppose there’s very little chance you’ll have enough free time, but there’s this labyrinth in Montreal that’s really fun if you do!

  2. Melissa German

    I had the pleasure of being in Colorado to see you race in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. And then today I discovered your blog! Great stuff, Ted 🙂

  3. Matthew Dunn

    That is right Sir KoS! Everything in New England is better… Well I can always go some grits, as well as G.R.I.T.S!!!

  4. Wendy

    Thanks, Ted! It is nice to hear about the cycling season that is still ongoing.

  5. Mark

    My friend, you may be right about the hockey team. You are, however, dead wrong about the maple syrup. That is not even something to say in jest! Just look at our flag and you will know how serious we are about our syrup.

  6. Jay irwin

    Sir. Your moniker may be KOS but the s does not stand for syrup. Do not mess with our maple. We will get feisty.

  7. Tom Mills

    Nice Hotel Ted! I check in on Sunday after the pro tour leaves and out on Thursday. Hope you have a good race!

  8. Don

    Stand by your syrup Ted. EVERYONE knows the N.E. stuff is better than Canada stuff. Heck, most Cali stuff is better too….not all, most. burritos for sure..eh?

  9. Becky B

    I can totally back you up on the syrup debate. And the hockey.

  10. Nancy

    maybe your hockey team is better but I am sure the Stanley cup spent more times in Quebec and Ontario… Look at the team roster and good luck for the race!

  11. Laura

    There is obviously going to have to be a syrup-off in the near future. Since Ted likes to make things from scratch, I hope his Maple tree is growing well enough for the competition.

  12. Jbarnes

    Hockey? Most likely you don’t know what you’re
    talking ‘boat. Just sayin…

  13. Boozan

    Vermont Maple Syrup is the best and only maple syrup one should consume. Fact.

  14. Steve Fortier

    Great race yesterday, Ted! The time gap at the finish does not really tell the story. I am assuming you (and half of the rest of the survivors) came unhitched the last time up Mont Royal since you were in the bunch as you came through the start-finish line on the bell lap. Great job! It was great to see you in a World Tour race just a few hours from home. Wishing you a great end-of-the-season and continued fulfillment on and off the bike.

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