Stage 4 WINNING. The USAProC’C’ Highlights continue

Today was a pretty spectacular day across the board, so dang, where to even begin? A stunning VICTORY is always a highlight, so let’s just start there. Elia Viviani, in all of his 21 years old is a champ, as exhibited by his massive sprint today. The team rode giantaculaly, (yes, I just made up that word) since we offered a trio of Liquigas-C’dale boys to rotate the front with those fellas from TheShack just one-third of the way into the stage.

Then when the business end of the race reared it’s head, namely with 25km to go local-CO-guy Timmy, Polish dynamo Sylvester Szmyd, homeboy Ivan Basso, and I got busy and chopped off at 55kph until about 3km to go when it was simple mayhem. From there Oss unleashed his leadout excellence followed by a stage win and – better yet – Daniel saluting his rock and roll dueling hands and massive mouth with complementing tongue hanging out.


An additional highlight is that Daniel has agreed to come to Ryan T. Kelly’s barbeque-slash-picnic. Ryan, famous for bonking to epic proportion and loving chocolate milk, enjoys bike racing, good food, Excel spreadsheet troubleshooting, vegetarianism with an occasional dose of MEAT, and hosting BBQs. He also slams stems, so Ryan is a worthy bloke in the grand scheme of things.

Sheesh what else? Oh, I finally got my mits on an iamnotTedKing mit. And by “mit” I of course mean hand-worn-crown-slash-helmet-excellence made by CutawayClothing. All the photos of this beauty up to this point have been sent to me. This, however, is alllll miiiiiine:

Unlike the photo above staged for effect, in it’s native environment, the crown unit looks like this:



  1. Nicole

    You missed the best part: one of your teammates doing a celebratory bunny hop before the finish line. Well done, boys!


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