Prologue & Stage 1 – USAProC’C’ Highlights

I reckon that it’ll be fun if I recap each stage as best I can with some very brief highlights that I witness firsthand. You’re probably up to speed to know that I’m in the midst of racing a pretty darn big race right now, so I’ll keep these observations simple so as to not create too much off-bike nuttiness. That is, so I don’t spend too much time writing a blog when I should be sleeping. Today is day two, after all, so let’s see how much motivation – or internet connection – I have over the coming days to see this through.


Well, this happened.

(Photo conspicuously poached from Twitter.)

Actually this one a two-fer, as there are two important things to note. One, they got my name right. While my born, legal name is in fact Edward King and the results tend to lean towards Edward King, TED is what I go by and where the eponymous comes from. Alas, they got that correct on television, so chapeau Versus.

And two, perhaps even more entertainingly, this is the debut of the iamnotTedKing foam hand crowns! Look closely on the left. Oooooh man, I don’t swear on this website more than once ever dozen years, but those are incredibly B-A!

Here’s another more detailed version so that you know what Waldo you’re looking for in the above Where’s Waldo.Stage 1:

At the start I gave high five through our RV’s open window to two kids, estimated ages two and four, one wearing a SpiderMan costume and the other donning Batman gear. Definitely a highlight.

The massive crowd at the finish today in Crested Butte. Yup, another massive highlight. It was downright European, alpine, crazy-fans-everywhere-in-the-road worthy. That earns another chapeau.

And the best part of the day was when we were rolling out of Salida directly towards some fairly massive Coloradan peaks when Andy Schleck casually observes, “I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a bit rockier than this.” Andy Schleck, you made my day.




  1. Shannon

    Am I your only stalker fan in Colorado? I’m like one of those wannabe Europeans that is obsessed with cycling and had to chuckle at people asking “who is Edward King?” in yesterday’s prologue. I had to set them straight that you were THE Ted King, up and coming star, to which they acted quite impressed to be seeing the future of the sport. 🙂

    At any rate, glad you’re enjoying our fabulous state and are riding well. My husband and I will be at the top of Independence pass cheering you on tomorrow, as well as in Steamboat Springs for the finish/starts. I should have bought my “I am not Ted King” shirt already (so glad you have them in women’s cuts!) to wear, but alas will order one soon for your great cause.

    Best of luck.

  2. Libby

    Love this! Fun to hear your behind-the-scenes stuff. And also love that the kids in superhero costumes was a highlight for you, that’s so cool – that would totally be what my kids would wear if we were lucky enough to be in Colorado right now. Well, ok, a Spiderman and a BatGirlPrincessBallerina… 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the race!!

  3. Don

    I have to have one..or five. How do I get my hands on the crown Ted? I and the S.B. moped police need to know.

  4. Tracy

    Thanks for taking the time to share your stories from the race. I wish I could be there!! Good Luck!!!

  5. Renee Sicchitano

    Yeah, Ted, tell us how to get ‘a hand’ if we can. Sorry I can’t be there in Colorado to be a ‘fan’ (stalker) like I was in Greenville, SC. Best of luck and thanks for the blog. Great quote from Andy. I love those Schleck brothers.

  6. Emily (Kenyon) Crouse

    My mom is dying for one of your foam hand/crowns! they look awesome. Best of luck to you for the rest of the race!

  7. daddyo

    i missed the colorado springs event as predicted (all credit goes to my Uncle Sam) but my wife took a pretty cool phone photo when you were about 100 meters out from the finish line. still recommend cheyenne canon as a training ride. buena suerte.


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