Occupying time and staying busy is never really an issue for me in the off season. I think my tendencies lean towards ADD as I tackle as many things as possible in the relatively short off season. Travel is a normal part of the to-do list in those cooler, off-season’y months, but that’s more of a means to an end  getting me from point A to Destination B to tackle these aforementioned activities.

I’m in a similar spot now except instead of an actual relaxing off-season all out of commission with my broken collarbone and poor ribs, I’m still staying as active as possible thanks to my gym membership and the upright, stationary, recumbent excuse for a “bicycle”. Plus a walk here or there. And some work on the pumping of iron. Furthermore I’m “sessioning” this relatively rare mid-season reprieve from racing full of bone-healing goodness with ample business… or busy-ness rather.

My shoulder is still swollen now one week out of surgery, but with a follow up appointment down in Boston early this week, I’m hoping to plant my behind on an actual bicycle seat – albeit with my bike planted in a stationary trainer – in the coming days. The swollen shoulder is fairly entertaining, or at least unique to me, in the sensation I feel of a swollen, floppy shoulder, umm, flopping around during my brisk strolls. I’lltellya, having just one shoulder bobbing around all asymmetrically-like it just bizarre.

And now a photo montage courtesy of my phone since I forgot my camera. Like I’ve said entirely too many times, there are worse places to be than New England in June. After a swing through Ver(t)mont seeing some extraordinary friends and their baaaaaabies (and dog) – where I had an incredible time hanging out, eat some meals at Middlebury’s best gnoshing joints, watching the Bruins hoist the Stanley Cup, petting their dog, and watching the elder of the two children swing on the gym – I realized that I was entirely out of my element. They own a home. And family. Comparatively, I own a suitcase. Truly it was a blast and I love them dearly, so from there I sadly bid them farewell, hit the road, and subsequently took care of some fun administrative insurance woes Thursday night, before jetting up to Maine.
Foggy Saturday morning. Coffee in hand. Feet on deck. Check, check, check.

Turns out, boating is chicken soup for the sole and ailing bones. So I took in a dose of boating. Captain Brother Robbie is not in the least bit entertained, is he?

And the only thing better than beauteous photos of Vacationland and the Atlantic, I reckon, is beauteous PANORAMIC photos of Vacationland and the Atlantic.

That thing in my mouth is my tongue. Just like my friend T-Pain, I am singing when this photo was captured about the glories of being on a boat. Obviously.

Anyway, with a successful first round of the TKToNE checked off, more (recumbent) bicycling is on the horizon so I will graciously bid you adieu.

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  1. Becky B

    Those are either some really sunburned feet, or extremely red socks. Hmmm, red socks….

  2. Derek

    Digging the tasty salted pig parts t-shirt.
    I’ve yet to be on a boat this summer, but will be rectifying that with a boat tour of Chicago next week. Being on a boat and going to Wriggly, me thinks that’s a pretty solid vacation as well!

    Good luck at the doctor.

  3. Steve

    Your ortho must have used some heavy duty screws and super glue to allow you to extend your arm like that (grimace free) so quickly after your surgery. Glad to see your recovery is going well!

  4. diane randlett

    Hi Ted,
    I write for the Boothbay Register and would love to write an article about you. My husband summered on Squirrel as a kid. I am
    very interested in your bicycling career so far and your spin on things, excuse the pun. Looking forward to your response, Diane Randlett


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