Today is Wednesday

What’s new? Mehhh well, nothing terribly important nor timely. However, I have stumbled upon some pretty spectacular things of late that I think are worthy of your attention. Let’s discuss.

For one, i am a mime. Scoping this brilliant piece of completely hijacked cinematography, you might think that I’m stealing Taylor Phinney’s Breath-Right on the start line to USPro. You, however, would be mistaken because in fact I only acted out such a scene. Sorry for stealing your thunder George during the segue to your hometown-hero showcase. What can I say, I’m the exemplary mime.

Next, this is a message to you aspiring artists out there: good luck because as you rise through the artistic ranks, you have to compete against my second cousin. You see, young Charlie (yes, the same Charlie who once upon a time said THIS) recently rendered this masterpiece.

Read closely in the above artwork. Yuup, that’s obviously Charlie up top since it specifically reads, “I am not Ted King” whereas tall and handsome me stands at the bottom in full team regalia proudly claiming that “I am Ted King”. Great work Charlie, you got that right!

I went to Maine this weekend. My friend Ruth took this photo. It’s a rainbow.

Today being a rainy Wednesday, clearly there is only one thing to do: bake something succulent for my friends at the LBS. Inspired by Robbie’s recommendation, I opted for Heath Bar Banana Bread. Recipe was freestyled, naturally, cause that’s how I roll on Wednesdays. Before:

And after:

I haven’t tried it, but needless to say it’s exceptional. Why the heating coils in the top photo are purple is beyond me. Because they’re red to the naked eye. Apparently purple to the naked camera lens. Weird.

Lastly, I declare that Peanut Butter and Co’s Mighty Maple is THE best thing ever to come out of a jar. Ever. Period. That’s not up for debate, friends. That’s pure, solid fact. Not to mention with a whopping 2% of my daily requirement of calcium per tasty two tablespoon serving, I know that sucking it down by the jar-full will heal my ailing bones in no time!


  1. R to the m-f K homeboy

    The bread is the cats meow! As long as you put in twice the amount of Heath bars that you think you should.

    Secondly, I must sample this legendary maple peanut butter! God bless the good folks who send you treats like that.

    Finally, I made a fat donation to Krempels Center in order to see your recumbent ride! Hope it happens.

  2. Zach Thomas

    Jenn-Air oven, right? Those things are great — ours had a grill and vent that one could use to sear dead animal flesh while inside without too much stinky fumes.

    Jenn-Air Army.

  3. DNAtsol

    I think you missed one obvious improvement on maple peanut butter:

    Maple peanut butter on Heath bar banana bread.

    That would be AWESOME!


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