One Embarrassing Pedal Stroke at a Time

And a good day to you too!

I have graduated from doing virtually nothing for a few days to now dropping myself into a recumbent stationary bike. I can’t yet bear weight on my shoulder so the recumbent is the only way to go… for now. Anyway, THIS photo yesterday segued into what amounted to a bet, which has now segued into an incredibly charitable event. Once I get $1,000 donated to the Krempels Center, I’m going to ride the indoor stationary recumbent bicycle in public at the gym in FULL TEAM KIT – yes, photos provided for proof. In a series of $20 donations to the extraordinarily benevolent Krempels Center, you can buy an installment a) for my public embarrassment and b) to slowly save the world, one donation to Krempels at a time. See here:

Step right up and make a donation. Ready… GO!

(If that link doesn’t appear above, then try HERE. And if that doesn’t work, then just go buy a t-shirt and look stylish while donating to the Krempels Center.)

My poor collarbone heals no thanks to the storm grate in Philadelphia, but entirely thanks to an exemplary surgery job where it was plated back together in Boston late last week. Additional thanks to generous ingestion of milk and cottage cheese. Yummy, delicious calcium. I’m also using some electro-ultrasound therapy in the form of the Exogen 4000+ bone stimulator healing system. Calcium, surgery, ultrasound, and tons of get well wishes coming in worldwide are my path to recovery!

I also had arguably the youngest iam(not)TedKing fan send in a photo. Very impressively, he candidly took the photo himself and sent it into heistedking at gmail. I swear, kids are learning modern technology at younger and younger ages. It’s wild, kiddo.

This elicits my thumbs up of approval, even if it comes just seconds from being completely anesthetized.

The Ted King Tour of New England kicks off today with two more hours at the gym on this sunny beautiful day. From there, I hop in the car and visit my dear friend Eliza and fam’ in Vermont. Then I’m off to Massachusetts tomorrow and up to Maine on Friday for the weekend. This includes other trips through the gym in an attempt to remain fit and slender despite not being outside on the bike.

And of course don’t forget that the proper TKToNE is the Krempels King of the Road Challenge in October! With proceeds going to the Krempels Center once again, we’re looking forward to an awesome day this fall. Scope details on the above link and then zip on over to the Facebook page by the same name and be sure to LIKE it!


  1. david

    Hey Ted when visiting Maine come stop by LL Bean, we will be open and leave the doors unlocked for you….

  2. Ben

    Can you turn up the electro-stimulator to 11?

  3. Becky B

    I made my donation, but you have to wear the socks and rear-view mirror on your glasses.


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