Dinosaurs, Motoryachting, and Golf.


I encountered this prehistoric creature today amid an easier than average ride. “Easier than average” because it was what’s normally dubbed a recovery ride so there were few times my wattage ticked above 200 mighty watts. Approaching swiftly from the front via bike, and then dismounting and approaching at a turtle’s pace to snap the photo, his head receded into his rocklike shell for protection. For eons, these primal beings have survived on inherent intuition. Buuuuut once he saw it was just me, he came out of his shell to say hello.

Hello Turtle!

Despite seeing Dino here, or maybe all the more enhanced because of Dino here, today was a nice day. So was yesterday. And the two days before that. That’s because I have ventured back outside on two wheels this week which has been indescribably cathartic, therapeutic, and downright GOOD for the soul. Three weeks and one day after getting my front wheel dubiously sucked into a crater in the road, and two weeks after sucking it up and slaying some mid-season trainer time alone in the garage (and time at the gym, you may recall), I’m back baby!

With lots of questions tossed out to me to the same effect, I will appease my curious audience with these three words: Tour of Utah. That’s my next race, or what I will now likely refer to exclusively as ToUT. The Tour of Colorado, or what was previously called the Quiznos Sandwich Eating Megathon, will follow the ToUT and from there likely I will see the pair of ProTour Canadian races. Like everything out there, time will ultimately tell for sure.

Still trying to maximize my optimism, it truly has been nice to be back in New England this time of year. In a previous post you saw me on an actual boat. Like, surrounded by water boat. Meanwhile I sessioned some sushi with a dear friend and fam and similarly we got this fancy motor-yacht of a boat.

Additional visits with other great friends and fine meals quickly come to mind during this time of healing and reprieve from racing. I’ll also be taking in the 4th of July fireworks for the first time from familial Maine for the first time in, err… maybe a half dozen years or more?! Again, I DON’T want a broken clavicle. And in a heartbeat, I would trade this situation for a fully intact shoulder, zero pain, and thereby earn my shot at the Tour back. But with that said I am happy to be in America right this second. Seriously, thank you to everyone I’ve seen, all the fine folks I’ve met, good medical staff who has cared for me, my family and friends for lovingly kicking it with me, and even the Naaawth Shaaaaa’wh pro cyclist/amateur golfing circuit for allowing me to watch, rather than dangerously swinging a club this time around.

Speaking of which, Timmy J and Jeremy PowPow smile for the camera. Or more accurately, Timmy smiles and JPows practices internetting.

Speaking of such, Tim and I have something big on the horizon. Like 200/100 big. Yup, the stuff of legend. Stay tuned.



  1. SuperFred

    Awesome! Those Canadian races were super exciting last year and ToUT and USPro Please Visit Colorado both seem like excellent preperation for the Monreal Monsters… rooting for you and looking forward to your BIG news.

  2. Becky B

    So did you pick up the Dino and move him out of the road? And if so, do you still have all your fingers?

  3. Boozan

    200/100 that is huge! Glad you boys are going to document it and put ot back on the map.

  4. Patti

    My husband and I are planning a trip to the Montreal race for our 10 year anniversary, so I really hope you can fit it in!

  5. Pave

    As my mom would say, it warms my heart to see you back on the bike. Your SF Bay Area peeps are happy you’re healing up fast.

  6. Flahute

    We Utards (at least we transplanted Californian Utards) often refer to the Tour of Utah as TOFU, but I suppose we’ll let you ToUT it …

  7. corinne

    Looks like turtles were actually the big winners for a while right after dinosaurs!


    Also, entirely unrelated, but if you’re doing much traveling home and back in the next few months, Southwest is having a sale until Thursday. (Presumably you know they fly into Manch?) I’m buying tickets for fall go back and take people from NH down to the Topsfield Fair!


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