Today is a Day

Let’s start this post off the bike and in the grocery store. Fruit, yogurt, some bland yet tasty multi-berry seltzer water. Yup, all the requisite stuff. I was then cruising the deodorant aisle and stumbled upon this gem. Or enema syringe, rather. In particular I’m entertained by the 2-year limited warranty. My guess is somewhere in the fine print it will say something about, “…warranty void upon being shoved up one’s…” Ear? Maybe. Aaaaaand so forth.

Impressively, I don’t just grocery shop my friends. I also bike ride for a living. Cam and I put together a pretty smashing ride today. With four days following today before the Tour of California kicks off, today was blow-the-doors-off last day of training. It went something like this:

It also was a good day to snap some photos. Remember, yesterday was began looking something like this high atop Kingsbury Grade at my awesome condo.

Rolling out of town, I compared my handsome Cannondale size 58 to this oversized rig which is part of the decor for the Tour coming to Tahoe. Requisite team colors obviously. I didn’t see under the bottom bracket, but I think it’s a size 208cm.

Later on, Cam and I cruised through a variety of towns – middle of flippin’ nowhere towns. California is a big state as it turns out; this was as pleasant as it was, umm, middle of nowhere. That was followed by some hill climbing. Luther Pass segued into Monitor Pass:

Let’s stop reading and simply enjoy the serenity by watching a one minute video.

Aussies are a proud bunch. So is Cameron. But he’s a good bicycle rider so this chest bumping is perfectly okay in my book. He’s a good friend.

And now looking to the right, here is some more wonderful photography. Me thinks it’s the dramatic clouds in an otherwise stark blue sky that makes it all purrty. It was photo-tastic.

And this is to the left.

And this was about 10 minutes ago. Yes, that’s a fairly large snowbank to my right. Like WHOA large.

So t’was a lovely day. Most of the team has arrived as of late last night. We’re headed out to dinner here shortly. My plan was to show them America by going across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe. But instead they’ve already booked a reso’ at an Italian restaurant. I can’t help think that we’re due for unsatisfactory dinner by their standards. You see, you generally don’t come to Tahoe to eat Italian food. You come to gamble and ski and ride boats and bicycles. I trust I will be perfectly happy at tonight’s restaurant. In fact, I’m pumped for American-Italiano sized portions after a near 6 hour ride today. I’ll report back later.


Lastly, Buddy the ___…

...what’s your favorite color?!



  1. Charles McCarthy

    Oooh! He’s an angry elf.

  2. Becky B

    A number 14 syringe? I’d hate to see the number 15!

  3. Mark

    Good luck in the TOC Ted. Hey, are any other pro guys entering their training and race results into Strava in the Tahoe area?


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