The weather forecast continues to be the topic of conversation here in Tahoe. The weather is basically flawless right now – the sun belts down on So’La’Tahoe as we speak and temps are warming into the 60s by mid-day, which feels all the warmer here at 8 million feet of altitude (that’s eight-mill’ measured relative to something 1,515 miles south of here. Meanwhile it’s about 7,000′ above the more traditional sea level measurement). Teams are now pouring into town and into our race hotel/casino. Per usual, weather is what cyclists mindlessly talk about.

Thankfully it wasn’t all that long ago I was doing a bit of New England training


Also thankfully, misery loves company so here we are setting out on this, dare I say it… EPIC, journey. Or else this is just a group of roving idiots on bikes. Your pick.


Plus that last photo is black and white, which only enhances the drama.

Well, that’s all for now. Time to go work on my tan with a group, team training ride. Perhaps on my brand new SuperSICK, I mean Cannondale SuperSix EVO.



  1. Neil


    Good luck! Any chance they move the start date???

  2. DJ

    SLICK bike…hopefully you will not have to ride in the predicted epic weather conditions – would be a shame to get that bike so dirty so soon. Good luck!!


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