i a t k d c

To repeat many of the correct responses to my wicked radical theTwitter give-a-way, “That would be Peter Sagan!”

And that would be me with the eyes closed and sweet helmet hair on the right. Meanwhile Peter has smart helmet hair(cut) and bright sunnies on.

Good times. Good week of racing. Good people. Thanks for the amazing week at Amgen Tour of California folks!


  1. Tim Doyle

    Peter’s sprint win was awesome. As a Mainer I can complement Ted by saying “Live Free or Die”. Middlebury is OK but Bowdoin and UMaine are also. Paolo Loungo is good too. Forza Liquigas. Ciao.

  2. James Rogers

    Yo Ted, I was the one in the Middlebury jersey a few miles from the top of Mount Baldy. Watched the start, rode up from Claremont and drank Keystone Light in some dude’s driveway until the race rolled through. Good times. Baldy is a beast.



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