Amgen Tour of California, stage 3

Arduously pecked via telephone.

This photo’s subtitle reads:

*Upon crossing the finish line, Ted wipes road grime, sweat, and boogers (which my phone autocorrects as “goobers”) from the previous 204 kilometers of racing.*

-Photo courtesy of Michael at

Strava posts up my stage 3, the first real and unadulterated-by-weather stage of the Tour of California.


Have you read the headlines on various sites about Tour of California? They are what I might call rote. Or predictable. Sure, they exhibit traditional, classic journalism and cover the likely news in the coming stages. “So and So says stage four will be decisive” or “This Dude looks to put stamp on race in coming mountain stages.” I know that. You know that. So and So and Dude both know that. They should write something much more colorfully dramatic; now here’s a headline: “Looking at the profile, taken with enough speed Joe Sprinter can leap directly from Hamilton Summit onto Sierra finish!”

Or “How many times can people ask Ben King if he is Ted and vise versa?”

Or best yet, “Tour of California looks for massive tarp sponsor to cover entire state. Need ingenious yet basic method to keep roads dry.”

Just an idea. For now I’ll stick to bike racing and out of journalism.


  1. Cosmo

    If the Dunkin’ Donuts Tour of New England ever materializes, I’ll try to step it up.

  2. Patti

    Sweat, it was sweat. It has to be, I’ve willed it and so it shall be.


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