Okidoke folks, let’s tugs on the reigns here and calm things down. After a very relaxing week last week rocking with teammate and partner in crime, Cam Wurf, the team has now arrived, other teams have poured into scenic So’La’Tahoe, and this week has increased the hectic scale. Yuup, been a busy week here in sunny-CA, but life is good.

Just like I recent mentioned on the twitter, you’ve probably been witness to a lot of media blasts from yours truly. If you’ve had the patience to read them all, for one, I am very impressed. Moreover, thank you. And even if you haven’t, welp, that’s quite alright too… I still probably think you’re neat.

If you need the amalgamated version, here she is.

The white stuff.
Look ma’, ESPN
No reading required. Radio with KFOG
Strava quite simply rocks
Staying humble with Ly’PR.
Aand a bit of post tour bike schmoozing.

That all said, nothing gives me greater pride than this one. Unequivocally something I’m supremely proud of. The Krempels King of the Road Challenge.

And with that, I think just like Lebron James taking his talents to South Beach, I look forward to shortly taking my skill set to Kings Beach… and shortly thereafter onto Northstar.

Let’s get jiggy.



  1. Patti

    Best of luck this week. ESPN needs to learn to spell domestique, you are more than a support rider.

    I’m a new commentor and I wanted to say you take some beautiful pictures and you have some serious writing talent. I write but I have a mental block when trying to convey real life events, I tend to live in the fantasy world.

    I’m also new to cycling and you make it seem so accessible, except that I need the right socks. I’m guessing my pink piggy cycling socks aren’t proper.

    May the wind be at your back for the upcoming ride.

  2. Andy

    Good luck this week…see you on the road

  3. Suntrust

    Excellent! All of this Boston hype is making me REALLY want to qualify and run. Drats to those faster qualifying times!!


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