Today’s the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Today, April 26, marks the first day of the TdK TdC TC. That’s Ted(-dy) King, Tour de California, Training Camp.

In standard training camp fashion, I’m kicking off the day with an acclimating ride of four or so hours and with the company of a photographer. In particular, Michael Robertson from Velodramatic who’s shooting my requisite riding shot for Bicycling Magazine.

Those previous four sentences were written before my ride, the rest of this comes after the ride. So big props to Michael for accommodating my specific training today. Michael rode sag today while I banged out 4 hours (nerd alert: 128km, 1650m vertical, 268w average, 1.667-repeating million on the Rad factor) of specific training – he worked his work around my work. How very thoughtful, rather than riding around in circles to appease the photog.

I preceded this on-bike excitement with a little off-bike excitement over on the Twitter. Thanks to launching the new and spectacular Rides section above, Strava has helped out by chucking some gear to the winner of the contest. What contest you ask? Only the best ever today’s quiz. Oh, you’ll be curious to know that Hanover, NH and San Francisco, CA house Strava’s either-coast offices. Additionally, we accepted the answer that Cambridge has a Strava office, since it’s brand spankin’ new… and tiny.

And in other fun news speaking of iamtedking and Twitter, I surpassed 10,000 followers today. To the 10,002 of you following, thank you for staying tuned of what’s (sometimes mildly) newsworthy in less than 141 characters.. For those of you who aren’t, there’s plenty of room for you to join the gang HERE.


  1. Ben

    Question from the nerd gallery–how many KJ? Must be around 4000 at 268w average!! Yikes.

  2. Becky B

    Too bad you’re all the way out in Cali. You’re missing the chance to be a spectator at the Collegiate Cycling Nationals right here in Madison.

  3. VeloDramatic

    Good Imagery. Good conversation… and I get paid for this. Thanks.


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