Bring the Ruckus, Grasshopper

Spooning the last of breakidoodles into the system. Yes, breakidoodles is breakfast to the layperson who did not grow up in the King household. Oatmeal-with-a-handful-of-cranberry-and-almonds-one-egg (cooked in the oatmeal – 3 minutes on high in the microwave)-plus-a-small-dollop-of-yogurt-and-maple-syrup into my system, the TdK TdC TC soldiers on as today we enter day five, stage six.

I’m pleased to announce that I am currently sitting in the lead, which is a tall order and something I’m quite pleased with. Coincidentally though, I am the only person in the entire competition, so maybe it’s not something to really be touting.

The queen stage comes today and has a pretty sweet name because both Grasshopper and Adventure are in the title. I’ve never actually been on a ride, err, I mean race like this. Looking at past results somewhere in there, Levi took second on one of these rides, so you know that this ain’t your standard ball o’ wax. Amid yesterday’s easier day, I took in a horticultural lesson from my friend Craig. As a wine wizard, he’s a good resource for learning about budding and vines and grapes and flowering and the seasons and all sorts of stuff, of which I only gleaned about 14%. Much like the alcohol by volume of a nice Pinot. These grapes, though, are Sauvigon blanc.

On a recent double-day in the TdK TdC TC, I opened up the day by taking home an impressive sprint victory. Which was done in an all day solo break. And no one was chasing except a guy on a recumbent, so it was all the more impressive! That was followed by an actual 10 mile practice TT, which was preceded by a four hour ride to the course and then done Merckx style. 5 hours on the day. Perfect course, pancake flat, about two S-bend turns, and a great turnout of support for the entire thing. Plus Joe and Cody who run it do a bang up job. (Totally unsanctioned, no numbers, just PRACTICE, so don’t come putting up a stink UCI. Here’s the course by the start/finish. Flat, bright, pristine.)

And on that note, I really gotta go make sign in for the Grasshopper. Ciao.


  1. Emma

    While your breakfast sounds slightly more appetizing, it did remind me a bit of my father’s concoctions. As a child my sister almost threw his breakfast away thinking it was the container full of food to be brought out to the compost pile. You both are adventurous eaters. Or perhaps lack any taste buds. You’re choice! 😉

    • iamtedking

      Emma, you are doing yourself a disservice for not trying this concoction. It’s heaven in a bowl. And supremely nutritious.

  2. Emma

    Hmmm…perhaps…minus the egg. You’re rocking my world a bit here, Ted. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t like her food to touch on her plate.


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