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When was the last time I talked about training? I reckon never. Or else maybe back in the original TUSB days when I was a hardened (…foolish) New Englander not yet softened up by the lush Tuscan countryside. Times have changed, so let’s nerd up to the table and chat training.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? As it turns out, similarly, so is a click on the “picture” below thanks to the fine folks at STRAVA.

Jumping to Recap’ville, t’was a big day today. Actually, it started last night when I received a call from one of my sports directors telling me that I’m going to meet my teammate Sabbatini in a nearby town and then rendezvous with a team trainer for an LT climbing test. In my best Italian (wisely, as opposed to my worst Italian), I proceeded to explain that I haven’t ridden my bike hard since the Giro di Sardegna and that I was a bit wary about doing an uphill LT test.

However, with no knee pain in over a week and with ever increasing hours and effort on the bike throughout this week, I was okay with the possibility of going hard. No time like the present, right? Ready, set, rock and roll.

So it wasn’t a full test to maximum exertion, just increasing power each time up the short’ish test climb… up to 430 watts. Yup, that’s 4.333-repeating standardish lightbulbs.

Let’s cut to the chase: NO KNEE PAIN! I would by no means say I’m 100% back, but actions speak louder than words, so to hear from my therapists that “things are progressing nicely with your knee, Edward” pales in comparison to having no knee pain on the bike for 4 hours with a handful of climbs.

I am one happy camper. Again, thanks for all your patience, concern, and continued support. Yeaa bikes.


  1. Becky B


    PS – got new cycling shoes today, and I followed KOS rules and got white (with bonus silver and blue to match my bike). Can’t wait to wear them outside.

  2. Rich Matthes

    Glad to see you back up to speed…good luck this season. We are all rooting for you.

  3. Tab Hansen

    Glad your knee is coming along. That ride today seemed like a
    pretty good test. If there was still some pain hiding down
    inside, it would have showed up on that route!

    I’ve got a question no one has been able to answer, but nooow that your riding on an Italian team maybe you could shed some light on this. What does the inner arm tatoo with the Roman numerals signify?
    I’ve only noticed it on a few of the Italian riders.

    I think this still qualifies as a KOS issue!!!

  4. iamtedking

    Tab, I’ve seen a whole variety of inner arm tattoos and the only thing they indicate to me is OOOOOUCH. I’ve been Roman numerals and Latin and Asian and Russian and Sanskrit and everything else. I’ve actually seen fewer Roman numerals than most, so I don’t even bother asking what it means.

    Inner arm tattoos: KoS stands in limbo. Slightly cool, horrendously painful, slightly uncool. You can’t wash those off when your career is over as it turns out…

    Becky, KoS definitely approves. They will get dirty inevitably, but there are some pretty awesomely caustic cleaners that make even the darkest shades of dirty gray, well… less dark. Remember: filthy white shoes are always cooler than the coolest black shoes.

    And since I’m in a replying mood, Rich, thank you very much for the support!

  5. Antonio Costa

    That’s really good news Edward. Hope you be back to racing soon.

  6. EJ

    Great news to heat that you had no knee pain while climbing! Can’t wait for you to get back in action. Keep up the good work.

  7. Spencer

    Just a mild test at 430 watts, eh? A nice reminder while 99.9% of the world cannot be a pro. Most folks I do Computrainer rides with are in the 230-250 range. Thanks for sharing!

  8. DNAtsol

    Apropos the nerd moment, buy yourself a present for getting back up to snuff. 🙂

    (As an added bonus, it is in pseudo-liquigas colors so the team might not mind either).

    Looking forward to watching you in some upcoming races… when will be the first, any idea?

  9. heather

    As a New Englander trying to harden myself up using the TUSB-concept (or TUSG as the case may be) as a mantra, what is this about foolishness?

    Nevertheless, glad to hear the knee is on the mend.

  10. Steve M

    Great to hear!

  11. DJ

    Great news Ted…good luck getting back into race-shape! Looks like a very nice training ride by the way!



    Why does the altitude profile for the LT test look like Bart Simpsons head?



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