Cycling Singles

It’s a bit like staring into a mirror looking into a mirror into a mirror into a mirror into a mirror… but a better inquiry is whether SHE is actually single. Whattaya think? I think she’s definitely giving me the look.


  1. Becky B

    Yeah, but why is she with those two dudes in the background, and yet giving you the look? And does she knit?

  2. Gemma

    The guys in the background look decidedly shady. Why is she on a date with two of them at once??

  3. Marcia Valenzuela

    It appears that your website is targeting to the ladies. I am seeing Ann Taylor and Katie Holmes now.

  4. George

    I like this one better:

  5. Michelle

    I’ve seen that advertisement before. My question is, why is it never a man?

  6. josh

    She’s giving you the look because you are totally putting out the vibe.

  7. Patrick Mahoney

    She wants to meet you, those two dudes want to fight you. And one of them has pretty big guns. Not the most awesome way to attract users – being threatened with bodily harm if for some reason you answer the wrong personal advert.


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