Giro Sardinia, 1stage2go

A friend just asked if I’m getting sick of the bubbly with all of Peter Sagan’s recent bounty of wins. I assume it was a tongue in cheek question, but the answer is no, as you could probably guess, since winning is awesome and so is celebratory race winning refreshments in the form of Proseco.

Here’s an artful shot of Peter about to pop the top on last night’s bottle. Art because of the low angulation and the champ’er glasses in the foreground. Yup, art.

In other news, I am finding my nose in the wind more this week than perhaps, oooh let’s say my entire stay at any previous team(s). Chopping off at the front of the peloton, controlling the pace of the race is actually rather therapeutic. More importantly, with the leader’s jersey within the team, it’s an honor and privilege to take the reigns at the front. It’s ready, set, go then put out a lot of watts for a long time and then time flies by and boom you’re done! Sure, there’s lots more to it than that, but since this is another phone scribed blog entry, I hope this description will quench your early season yearning for behind the scenes racing.

Speaking of behind the scenes, our first hotel was downright palatial by European standards. Plus the TV was not one of those goofy toaster sized boxes the are a dime-a-dozen. Or maybe a buck for a dozen. Anyway, more than just the TV, we also had some pretty swank cable setup so in mid-February I watched Superbowl highlights for the first time. Well done NFL Network coming to Europe!

This cryptic shot is actually me giving the camera a thumbs up. In my excitement of watching the game, I didn’t actually get much fist in the frame to accentuate the thumb.

And with that said, my thumbs and legs are tired so I’ll switch off the blogging and switch on the getting on the table for a massage. G’night moon.


  1. georgestraz(CT)

    Great stuff Ted. You do us NE’s proud. Enjoy the ride!

  2. Becky B

    Mmmm, Prosecco. It’s a pity I have to miss the last stage because of work. Hopefully I’ll find video so I can ride along on sunday.

  3. Wendy

    All of my favorite things…bubbles, cyclists, Aaron Rogers.


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