This Update Brought to You by Steeves

Really excited to see some very cool stuff coming down the line here at! Sorry that I can’t yet let the cat out of the bag, but if you’re a fan of bikes in virtually any capacity whatsoever, I think you might even be 1/1,000 as pumped as I am. Which, for relativity’s sake, is roughly how amped you were as a 7 year old on at 5:54am on Christmas morning. Yeah, THAT amped.

And for a bit of visual eye candy, here’s a photo from a recent Italian grocery store shop.

Thanks StEEves (no apostrophe)

Since 1869, huh? Wow, Steeves, you’re good.


  1. iamtedking

    It’s come to my attention that someone thought I purchased this sirop… I mean syrup. A few drops of syrup for thought:

    – Vermont syrup is the best. Okay, it’s sacrilege to have said that, but VT makes the sweetest, maple-iest stuff out there. Us Granite Staters are a heartier bunch and we enjoy a more robust, fruit of the earth kind of syrup.
    – in Europe, I have only ever seen Canadian syrup for sale
    – If NH or VT, heck even MA’s syrup was for sale, I would opt for that over the Canadian stuff. Don’t know where MI’s syrup fits into the mix.

    I did not purchase STEEVES syrup. I merely snapped the photo.


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