Inside the Bus B’day Wishes

The 31st day of every year marks my birthday. The same for Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, and my high school friends Allison Lufkin and Nick Cuff. 1/31/1983 yeaa!

White jersey wearer into today’s final stage, 2nd placer in yesterday’s stage, donner of an awesome quaff of hair, and truly an all-around great guy Daniel Oss is seen here wishing me a happy birthday from inside the bus (meanwhile, my roommate Paolo is in the background attempting to call and wish me a special day. I didn’t pick up because I’m taking this photo and writing this blog from my phone… technology is magic).

While I dont expect you do be thinking of sending me anything, if the thought had ever crossed your mind, instead of sending me Peanut Butter & Co, maple products, and well… more maple products, I encourage you to donate to my favorite charity, the Krempels Center.

Again, I’m typing this on my telephone so I don’t know how to add hyperlinks. So if the below link does not HYPER-link automatically, please just copy and paste this URL below into your browser window and send the incredibly charitable and benevolent Krempels Center $1, $5, $100, whatever.


  1. Becky B

    Maybe I’ll celebrate your birthday buy getting myself a present – a new IANTK T-shirt! And this time, I won’t let the hubby shrink it in the wash!
    I hope you get cake.

  2. Steve Fortier

    Happy Birthday, Ted. You’re now one year closer to joining me on the awesome New England Masters circuit! Glad you’re off to a great start to the 2011 season. Excelsior!

  3. steelciocc

    Buon compleanno Ted! Enjoy your first race in Liquigas colors.

  4. Jeff

    Happy Bday Ted! Wishing you the best in this season’s racing

  5. Tom

    Happy Birthday to one of our Favorite People in the World. Nothing better than getting to ride your bike on your birthday. I tradition I generally try to make. Good luck, have, fun, we will have a party next time you are home. And I’ll wear my awesome Liquigas IANTK shirt today too…

  6. Bob T

    Happy Birthday, Tedward! I’ll tip back a frothy adult beverage in your honor in my IANTK pint glass … as soon as it arrives.

  7. Sara

    Done. (Except that I forgot it’s 2011, so I only gave $27, in honor of your 27th birthday… which would have been last year. Sometimes I stun myself with my brilliance!)

    Oh well. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, anyway. 🙂

  8. Sara

    Oh crap. Sorry about that emoticon.

  9. Doug DuFresne

    Happy Birthday Ted
    Thanks for everything you do for the Krempels Center

  10. George

    Happy birthday! It’s also the 2047th birthday of Antonia Minor, daughter of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. 🙂

  11. Jeanne O'Sullivan

    Belated Birthday Wishes and Thanks from a member of the KC Board!Hope your race went well yesterday.

  12. Dr. Ted King

    Congrats,and many happy returns of the day Teddy-

    Today’s 1+/- foot of snow and mega 6-8′ snowbanks at roadside, reminds me of the days when you & pal, Matt B, practiced snowboard jumps, biffs, turns, & sliding down the incline at 39 Block Drive in Brentwood, NH.
    Hope those peanut butter bday treats arrived.
    You’d be proud of Mom’s inspired attack on any & all snow landing on the deck, or near the mailbox or on the oilman’s path to the fillup site near the back door.
    With my encouragement and technical advice regarding the new Toro snowblower’s refueling/starting needs, she manhandled the eviction from our deck of every errant snowflake landing within 2″ of the house

    Many happy returns of the day!



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