Merry December 26th!

There’s a blizzard a ragin’ outside right now!

…Just not outside of my house.

We’re apparently slated for a pretty wicked Nor’Easter with up to 2 feet of snow expected. I went to bed last night – a merry Christmas December 25th night that is – with the full expectation of waking up to a festive white abyss out the window today. Instead I woke up to dry roads and nary a snowflake in sight. So I took the opportunity to grab an hour on the road bike and then swing through home sweet home to get my brother and then we could meet some other friends for a mountain bike jaunt up Mt. Pawtuckaway as the snow began falling. Yup, and that’s what I did.

Alas, I returned home after the road hour and found Robbie still fast asleep (…in his defense it was not yet 9am. AAaaand yes, I’m still suffering a bit of early morning jet-lag). Furthermore, it was also a brisk 21 degrees Fahrenheit outside and considerably warmer in his bed at that hour.

Anyway, Robbie wasn’t interested in getting out of bed, spandexing up and onto a bike, so I swapped my road shoes for the mountain variety and set off in search of the Day-After-Christmas-Mountain-Bike-Crew. I arrived with two minutes to spare, but didn’t see anyone nor their cars… nor bikes. Figuring that they aborted – or more accurately, I figured that I picked the incorrect of two parking lots at the base of the mountain – I just headed up Pawtuckaway solo.

It was a very pleasant ride and eventual summit. Here’s a photo atop the legendary summit.

I did eventually run into my mountain biking comrades, but we were traveling in opposite directions and I unfortunately was on something of a time budget that I couldn’t budge from. Namely, come back and hang with the fam. But it was good to pass along post-Christmas salutations and exchange down mitten high fives… or is it a high two?

The way I figure it, it’s cold and harsh New England winter, so there are no roses available to stop and smell. But if you don’t stop and smell the roses, you may as well at least stop and take a picture every now and again.

Life’s an adventure. Remember that.


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  2. Chris W

    21 oof that is a bit brisk, having done that once from Dover to Elliot in a stiff wind I can understand why your brother didn’t want to get out of bed – good for you though. I’m off to the trainer and treadmill – great pics too!

  3. Chad

    those are some great pictures! i’ve been to pawtuckaway once and i loved it!

  4. Ildiddy

    Cold weather is good for the sinuses…. all the sniffling and snotting clears you right up. Or not.

    New York City got slammed by the blizzard. Lucky us.

    Looks like a fun ride though!


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