Eat Your Heart Out

I race a bicycle for a living. In the grand scheme of things, my skill set is actually fairly limited – namely, I pedal my bike really hard, but in general I’m just going in a straight line which truth be told is not very difficult. This video is making the rounds among the two-wheeled demographic of the cycling world and for very good reason. Danny MacAskill is a mack when it comes to skill… on his bike. Among other things I’m impressed with is how unnaturally low his saddle sits on his bike. I could never pull that off.

Seriously what Danny does is so far removed from what I do on a bike, but cycling transcends that. One way or the other, we’re all out riding a bike. Love the bike, friends. LOVE.

In other news my buddy and host here in CA for the month of November is Lucas, his friend Andrew, and I attended a heartwarming gathering down in San Francisco a few nights ago. And by heartwarming, I mean heart eating. And by heart eating I literally mean heart eating. And by that, I mean calf heart. And by that I mean udderly, I mean utterly delicious.

See, we’re a) adventuresome eaters and b) looking for natural ways to ingest nutrient rich foods. Fuel, that’s what is effectively about. So having a friend who is a professional chef, an inventive chef, a celebrity chef, AND a cyclist means there is every reason in the world to try out his restaurant, especially if he’s offering to cook us up some calf heart – or in this case, prepare it raw since we had a tartare in store for us!

We started the evening with a behind-the-scenes-deconstruction of a 5lb calf heart, which is about the size of a human head.

With his impossibly sharp knife, Chris showed us how to remove the fascia, separate the good from the bad from the ugly (i.e. the heart of the heart, the lesser bits that are great for stewing and ragout, and the plain ol’ fat), and then carved out three outstanding heart steaks.

Seriously, this meat is incredible. As in, INCREDIBLE. There is virtually nil intramuscular fat, an inordinate amount of iron, vitamin B, natural creatine, and a bountiful abundance of other reasons to think twice about the heart before you just point your snooty nose away from this delicious meat.

Calf Heart Tartare w/ Charcoal and Micro Greens.

The flavor is abounding, the health benefits are entirely there and then some, and the atmosphere of his restaurant is simply rad. Hearing stories of Chris laying it down in his 24 hour races was pretty excellent as well.

Thanks Chris for an outstanding dinner and thanks Danny for pushing the limits of two wheels.


  1. Nicole

    Growing up on a sheep farm, I ingested a fair amount of sheep heart in my day. I was/am fairly neutral on it – it tastes fine, but being all muscle the texture is a little off. Also, I’m not sure there are any lingering health benefits when one eats it with biscuits and gravy.

  2. Beky B

    Sorry, waaay too many anatomy labs and too much surgical experience to eat organ meats!

  3. Ben King

    Better raw.

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  5. So co Matt

    Have you gotten in touch with Levi et al? Might wanna try some rides up towards Healdsburg and the coast around Skaggs/King Ridge.


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