Wycieczka Polska

Ever been to Poland? I hadn’t been to eastern Europe before this trip to the Tour of Poland. In fact, without looking at a map, I think either Italy or Germany is the farthest east I’ve been in this continent. It’s a certainly different culture from the entire¬† amalgamation of western Europe. Hotels, food, and general accommodations have been nice, so I’m taking in this cultural adventure – even if the roads are a bit rough and, umm, let’s say aggressive on our undercarriage.

For a race overview with a few cultural observations, check out these entries over at Cervelo.com. Please send questions in the form of comments on this here blog if you’re curious about Polish culture. Or Czech for that matter since we raced about 3km into the Czech Republic yesterday.

Pre-Race, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4


No update from Stage 5. Stage 6.


  1. Iamnottedking

    what is your favorit Piwo over there?

  2. Wacek

    Hey Ted!

    We raced at Housatonic Hills together, I watched the last two stages of Tour of Poland and thought I saw you. I am from Ustron, where you guys finished today and went to high school in Cieszyn, where you finished yesterday! Great to see home town on TV. Hope you are enjoying Poland and my hometown hills (they did seem mountains when I was a kid). By the way, best mountain biking over there, not that you would have time for it. Good luck with the rest of the race!


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