Welcome Home!


That’s the eternal award that’s been offered up for anyone willing to produce the blue prints for the iamtedking suitcase-home-sweet-home hybrid. There have been a handful of submissions and I thank you for all of them. Here are the best ones in the hunt for infinite awesome supremacy.

1. First up, I’ll award creativity points for Wendy’s lack of clip art skills, because she makes up for that with an impressive showing of Post-It notes talent.


2. This next one resembles more of an apartment building on wheels brought to you with pride and care from Kodi. I’m not just jerking your collective chains here, I’m a huge fan of gardens and growing local food and all that jibber jabber. So the apple trees in my front yard are an excellent addition to this number.

3. Submission number three arrives courtesy of Steve C. I’m really partial to Santa Clause kicking it on my roof. The arboreal reflection in my window is pretty diesel as well. I’m certainly no city slicker, so that especially is a fine addition. Number 7 on the door, however, is a bit odd. I’m much more of a double digit kind of guy.

4. Steve E. entered the following beauty. Whereas the previous Steve’s home is definitely more homey with the welcome mat and… well, windows, Steve number two leans much more towards the one-the-road suitcase. This is function over fashion in terms of being on the road and really Living the Suitcase Dream. I am, however, a huge fan of having a poster of my own face on the outside of my “home”. That’s brilliant (especially since, similarly, I have iamtedking stickers tattooed all over my suitcase. The iamnotTedKing stickers adorned on many of my teammates suitcases really doesn’t help the soigneur’s job any!).

5. This is the finest abode from the selection. I think this house is just classy looking. I mean five windows (or more, depending on how you count) on the front of the house alone just shows that I’m moving up in the world and really live in a regal house. The railing on the front steps invites my neighbors over for a Welcome To The Neighborhood bundt cake like nothing else does!

Thoughts? Which is the winner in your books? Usually dictator in high Ted King does the voting, but I’ll leave this round up to you in the form of comments.



  1. Rica

    Is it too late to submit one?

    • iamtedking

      You can do whatever your heart desires Rica. Bear in mind, this is an arbitrary contest with arbitrary rewards. Although to have the title of Infinite Awesome is even something I yearn for.

  2. Linda J

    I vote for the KOS suitcase with your photo on it. Brilliant, yet classy in an old-school kinda way. Add a couple of windows overlooking an alpine lake and you’re on the road again. Or home. Whichever.

  3. Addell

    I love the Steve E suitcase!! It might be cause he’s my fiancé, or because I know what it’s like to live out of a suitcase since I tour for a living. Regardless, I like the contest and the idea of making a suitcase your home. It makes you appriciate your house and family so much more. Best of luck on the road Ted!!

  4. RM

    I vote for Kodi. His use of the handle as the outline of the chimney was very creative.

  5. McDreamyBiker

    I’m kind of partial to #4 myself. With all the traveling you do, the city stickers seem appropriate. I like the KOS addition and the very stylish picture of the KOS himself.

  6. ben

    I like #2 as it fittingly evokes the spirit of a New England sugar shack. The door is a little too fancy for said structure but that can be modified, no?

    Ted, you sly dog. All this work on the internet has made you very marketable. Should come in handy right about now. Wish you all the best. Hey, if Ricco lands it you can too!

  7. Christian

    I think we all know Wendy is the winner,
    There is love in those windows, and look at the smoke
    Plus its blue,

    “Yo listen up here’s a story
    About a little guy that lives in a blue world
    And all day and all night and everything he sees
    Is just blue like him inside and outside
    Blue his house with a blue little window”

    That could be you tedward

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

  8. Marcia

    #3… the windows with the tree reflection remind me of my recent trip to NH.

  9. Simon

    As the designer of #5, I’m going to vote for myself as I think my cunning use of iconography and inclusion of a hotel-type chair makes the whole thing more believable. That, and I like the tiny-suitcase-as-house thing.

    And as no rules for self-voting were posted, here’s hoping I don’t get DQ’d!

  10. Kyla

    I’m digging on the last one – like the “I am NOT Ted King’s Suitcase” cheekiness and the clean lines of home! Fab!

  11. Laura

    I Like Steve C’s. It looks like home but you could take it out to the woods and bears wouldn’t be able to get in. You might not even have to hang your food from a tree like other people in the woods. That is a definite plus in my book. As for looks, probably the bundt cake house.

  12. Becky B

    I vote Wendy, not only because of her awesome Post-It skills, but she’s a fellow knitter!
    PS – local dairy made French Toast with Real Maple Syrup and bacon ice cream!

  13. orangekathy

    I vote wendy! she’s a knitter and what’s not to love about knitters!

  14. Alaenvy

    The Infinite Awesomeness clearly ought to go to ‘I am not Ted King’s Suitcase’. You’re right on with the 5 windows moving up in the world! And is that a grapevine adorning your ground floor window? Now that’s classy. If I were a Cervelo, or Ted King, I’d want to call that suitcase home sweet home!

  15. SM

    I vote Wendy because it is multi-media.

  16. Julia

    I vote for the “I am not Ted King’s Suitcase”. The white railing on the front porch does it for me!

  17. Steve c

    Is it a little to big headed to vote for yourself in these contests? Do I get bonus points for international entries?that housecase was bought to you from the gold coast in Australia.
    Anyways if my housecase wasn’t a contender I would be voting for the last case. Love the white frame windows and white picket fence (kind of)

  18. i am KODI SMITH

    Not afraid to admit my apple trees pale in comparison to the Post-it® design with tastefully subtle homage to CSNY.


  19. Simon

    Steve C and I didn’t resort to the “perspective” thing, opting instead for the face-on representation to signify realism and approachability. That, and neither of us are knitters. So I’d say the race is on, with Steve C. and I in the breakaway.

    • Wendy

      It’s okay Simon, there is no shame in not being a knitter. You can always learn!

      • Simon

        Always up for a little learning. I was a cross-stitcher in another life, so if you’re teaching I’m game!

      • Steve C

        I’m really not a great knitter, cross stitcher or crocheter so I guess I’m losing points there – I could always learn but unless I can do it on the bike I dont see the point.

        I’m with you simon, the approachability and defined realism was the theme I was searching for, you and I in the break lets start rolling turns 🙂

  20. reid

    I think Wendy’s submission tops them all. When you consider it, not only was she the most creative in terms of medium of the suitcase, but she also created the most versatile suitcase. For example, when you travel to a new place just email yourself a copy of her blank suitcase and put a stack of post-it-notes in your pocket for the flight. When you arrive at said location, open the image, attach some post-it’s with whatever design is appropriate for the indigenous architecture of where you have traveled to and your right at home again.


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