Like… bummer, man.

It hopefully goes without saying, but I was very excited with my recent touch-up job at the local Spanish dentist to the ol’ canine late last week. “Wow” I caught myself thinking, “I have a full set of teeth! Going out in public again and actually speaking and/or smiling: here I come!” Let’s just say, however, that 35 euro of dental work got me… well, about as far as 35 euro worth of dental work will get you!

In truth, when you factor in the exchange rate and consider the fact that my dentist was quite literally hours away from his summer vacation, five days (or just shy of 30 euro-cents per hour) of me pompously modeling a full set of teeth later, the cement job holding my pearly-whites together simply decided that a veggie stir-fry luncheon was simply too much to handle and bit the dust.

Yuup, pun intended.

Pun especially intended because now that my front tooth again fell clear out of my head, I’m spending more time than average alone, as opposed to in public showing off my hill-billy-ness, and therefore have time to think of puns like that.

Seriously though, I’m not that superficial. I can think of worse things that could have happened. Heck, I can think of millions of worse things that could have happened. Just don’t expect me to laugh raucously next time you utter a joke because I’m likely not going to laugh with my all-of-my-teeth-minus-one exposed for all to see. At least not until I get back to America and inevitably spend more than 35 euro simply for the privilege to sit in the dentist’s chair to have the comper fixed.

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  1. Becky B

    Get to work on that pirate-style tooth patch!

  2. Casey

    guess you’ll have to resort to a chiclet! 🙂

  3. Shannon G

    Come on, MacGyver ,fashion one out of homemade playdough & let’s see that smile again! You could try those little mini marshmallows from hot cocoa, but, well, they would periodically melt so you’d need to keep some in your jersey pocket for back-up, and that could get sticky!

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